Entry for December 18, 2007



Is the Gospel of Luke a false gospel?Who the heck was he anyways?He worked for the aPaulSaul Paul as his personal doctor.He never seen the Messiah or heard Him speak,but basis his account on other eyewitness accounts!!!! He contradicts the Gospel\’s of Matthew and Mark concerning the two thieves crucified with our Messiah(Both of them said that BOTH of the thieves mocked and blasphemed our Messiah)!!!.He contradicts the Gospel of John concerning the filling of the Holy Spirit(Our Messiah breathed on them… John 20 : 22 which reflects Genesis 2 : 7,not as Luke\’s description of FORKED tongues of flame in Acts 2 : 3 ) !!!Then in his sequel Acts,he contradicts our Messiah\’s own words in Matthew 5 :17-22,when He said not one law shall pass from the law until the heaven and the earth pass away and all is fullfilled !!! John in 1 John 2:4 calls him and his boss Paul LIARS !!! John also tells us how to keep the greatest Commandment of how to really love our Messiah in 1 John 5:3 by telling us to keep His commandments and it is not burdensome !!! Acts 15 : 22 – 29 tells us we don\’t want to BURDEN you with anymore than these 4 necessary things(2 are commandments and 2 are just laws) and if you just keep these 4 necessary things it well be well with you !!! Our Messiah didn\’t mean what He said in Matthew 5 :17-22 ? Luke and Paul are calling our Messiah a LIAR or that He didn\’t know what HE was talking about or was mistaken !!!! Tare Luke\’s lies out of our bibles.TARE Paul\’s LIES out of our Bibles.They are two of the Anti-Christs John tells us about in 1 John 2 : 18 – 21 !!!!! How many times did our Messiah say,\”The heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away !!! Who is Luke and Paul to say that our Messiah doesn\’t mean what He say\’s ???? How can the churches continue to preach these blasphemies !!!???Also look at http://www.Jamesoldham.com

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