Entry for December 18, 2007



Revelations chapter 9 is about petroleum which is the beast.When you refine petroleum into gasoline or diesel you get a by-product called PLASTIC . The beast was first described as a plague of locusts(Over ONE TRILLION cars and trucks have been made so far)!! Yet when looking closer they were like horses arrayed for battle(STEEL) and when they moved they made a great noise(Why they put walls along highways)!! Yet when he looked closer still he seen the faces of men through the windshields !!! Their power to do harm in their TAIL pipes !!! Look at http://www.Jamesoldham.com !!!

One Response to “Entry for December 18, 2007”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Exxon Valdez spewed 11 million gallons of filth on our shores . NOW , look in the GULF , and the oil rig that exploded !!!!!!! They may never stop the leak and will make the Exxon Valdez like a walk in the park.DISASTER IN THE GULF !!!!!!!

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