Entry for March 21, 2008


I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. Our Father said this to Jeramiah. How could He know Jeramiah before he was born? Humans are the 1/3 of the angels that followed the devil. He wishes that none would be lost,so He is giving us another chance to come back to heaven. He is also showing us why we should never have followed the devil in the first place by creating the earth. He gave dominion of the earth and all that is in it to us. We gave that dominion to the devil. That is why he could offer all the kingdoms of this earth to our Messiah,cause they were his to give. Our Messiah said that this is not His kingdom.Why create a whole new race of beings to sin against Him. He didn’t! He put us fallen angels in human flesh,giving us a chance to return to paradise. How many people have you heard say,”The devil is going to win anyways because he is going to get most of us humans.Excuse me,but,the devil would still be a loser cause at most he’d only have 1/3 of the angels.Our Messiah is redeeming many of his original 1/3. Learn more at www.JamesOldham.com

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