Entry for June 29, 2008



You can go to http://www.JamesOldham.com and see that I have tried since 1977 to warn you all of the false apostles Luke and Paul(Matthew 5:17-22 and 1John 2:4 and so many others).Wrote letters since April13th,1985 to your elected representatives with warnings and prophecies that have all come to past or are soon to come to past.Our Father has stretched His arm out again and again in accord with those prophecies.Made me write things that would come true later.What has it all accomplished?It is hidden and buried from you.Ignored!!! I have gone to court and demanded diplomatic immunity.The judge asked me to provide documentation and she would rule on it.Why did I bother?I thought court document stamps validating the dates and making it a part of the public record would help you,the people.Help you to see the signs a lot of you pray for.Help you to believe.Since the courts done nothing I sent it all to the newspapers.Since they have done nothing I have started this blog and my web site to get it directly to you.I even paid for an ad campaign to direct a lot of you to my site.Why? So,that our Father can deal with your unbelief! He can\’t work great works and miracles unless someone proclaims it ahead of time.So no one can say this stone deity done this.I came in His name.I came in His Spirit.I stuck my neck out waiting for someone to take my head.I put my butt on the line.I tried to stand in the breach.For all this I bore reproach,laughter,and scorn.Yet,I continued the good fight.I love you all and I\’m beginning to really worry for you all.Wake up before your eyes are closed forever!!!

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