Entry for June 29, 2008



You can go to http://www.JamesOldham.com and see almost all of my earlier prophecies.One not posted yet concerns California where I said that they would legalize same sex marriages back in 1990.I also said if there were any righteous people left there to come out of there,to run from all the plagues!!! But,what has all my writting to your elected officials,newspapers,and radio stations accomplished?All the prophecies and plagues I have sent to you all?Have any of you repented?Have you begun to fear our Messiah and listen to what He has tried to tell you all?He loves each and everyone of you and wishes that none would be lost.So,He has and is doing great works that have been proclaimed ahead of time so that at least a remnant would see and belief.Fear Him enough to listen to Him.To repent,get washed in His blood,and start to do His will.Any half way decent parent would try to correct their children when they are wrong!Show them they are upset with them!How much more so our only true Father?You luke warm fence sitters well get shaken so hard you will fall one way or the other! Wouldn\’t it be so much easier to chose instead of fall?The staff instead of the rod?Can you all be revived at all?Is there any life left in you all?

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