Entry for July 04, 2008


How many of you readers understand the significance of the 4th of July? That it is the fullfuillment of the PROMISE to Joseph and his son Manasseh by the Almighty. Look at the blessings promised to Abraham,because he obeyed the voice of the Almighty,and kept His commandments and laws. That he would have even given up his only son! That blessing passed to Isaac and then to Jacob,who was later named Isreal(Named after our Father). His Word Is Real and became the Passover Lamb and dwelt among us,and He came to His own and they didn’t receive Him,but,to all those that did He gave them the power to become sons and daughters of the Almighty. That blessing was conferred on Ephraim and Manasseh jointly by Isreal(Jacob).You shall be a great company of nations,be a fruitful bough that goes beyond the well(Empire),you shall own the gates of your enemies(Singapore,Hong Kong,Gibralter,Panama Canal,Suez Canal,etc etc…),the fat of the land and wealth unimaginable.Joseph jumped up and told Isreal his arms are crossed!!! Isreal said,”I know,but,Manasseh shall become a great nation. On July 4th we as a nation declare the fullfillment of that Blessing and Promise! We did not become the mightiest and richest nation on earth because of our own wisdom,power,and understanding,but because the Almighty promised it and fullfilled that promise!!! Look up the word origins for British and Saxon.Check out Jeremiah’s two fold mission to tear down(The detruction of Judah) and how he went to Mizpah to collect King Zedekiah’s daughters and to take them to Ireland where during King Solomons time an Isreal colony was established,to preform the second part of his mission to plant and to grow!!! To repair the breach and to bestow the sceptre to a joint Pharez and Zarah heir.How we were yet insignificant among nations until 1800 to 1803,when our birthrite was no longer withheld(2520 years from the fall of Isreal in 721 BC to 718 BC. How we took off!!! Petroleum,gold,zinc,aluminum,pig iron and steel !!! But,we lost sight of Abraham Lincoln’s proclaimation of April30,1863,where he beseeched America to have a day of FASTING and prayer to earnestly cry out to our Father for forgiveness in thinking it is by our power and works of our hands that has gotten us this wealth and power!!!! To forgive us our sins !!! Our Father heard this national prayeroffensive,and perserved our nation !!! In 1966 the British Colonial office closed its doors!!!! Britain’s sins abound !!! The USA’s sins multiplied even greater than Britains!!!! SEVEN times worse our offenses and SEVEN times worse our punishment!!!!!!! I have asked our government to relent and repent,to acknowledge the Almighties blessings upon us.To except His corrections and attempts to get us to listen to Him again!!!! Senator Grassley,President Bush,Governor Vilsack and now Governor Culvert’s silence is deafening!!!!! So,I appealed to the newspapers and their silence hurts even worse!!!! Don’t they have freedom of the press?! So,now I appeal to you all. Wake up and put on sackcloth!!! Fast and pray that all the plagues to come upon the USA and British nations pass over us. That our Father the Messiah,the Almighty,the Word Isreal protect us from the destruction at hand!!! I want to thank Mr Armstrong ,the Philadelphia Church of God,and all those out there that have had our Messiah breath on them His Holy Spirit.

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