Entry for July 05, 2008


Contact the Philadelphia Church of God for a free booklet titled;The United States and Britain In Prophecy. It reveals how glorious the true Words of the Almighty in the bible. There are tares in the bible also,beware lest any man deceive you! Don’t be like Job before his trials,when all he knew of the Almighty was from the mouths of men!!! The Almighty ended up speaking to Job personally. He can speak to you directly also ! Become a glutton and a wino for His flesh(Only true and living manna (Unleavened bread) that comes from heaven and His blood(Wine and drink this in remembrance of me)!! Repent and pray that He breaths on you His Holy Spirit so that He can speak directly to you. His Spirit will then confirm to you that the USA is Manasseh and Britain is Ephraim. This being the end times only the Commonwealth Of Great Britain and the USA could possibly fullfill the blessing from Abraham,Isaac,Isreal(Jacob)and Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh. If the Almighties promises are not fullfilled then there would be no need to read the bible at all !!! It pulls together several prophecies from several books of the old testament and reveals what history tells us as it relates to those prophecies. Denmark means Dan man(Tribe of Dan). Do the research and see what tribes(Sons of Isreal(Jacob)) make up the rest of Europe.

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