Entry for July 16, 2008


Should I lament and mourn for you Des Moines? I think not. How would Sodom and Gomorrah fair today if the works that were proclaimed and accomplished in Des Moines and the rest of the state were done there? Would it be standing today? I went to court demanding diplomatic immunity. I gave the court supporting documents and letters. I put a prophecy and plagues upon Iowa City and the State of Iowa in those documents. I sent a letter to Ex-Governor Vilsack,Senator Grassley,and President Bush warning them all of what was to come. No one bothered to take real notice. So I sent the Des Moines Register and newspapers in Cedar Rapids,Waterloo,and Iowa City copies of letters and asked them to check out the documents in the Courthouse in Iowa City for case # SRCR0066132 ; State of Iowa VS James Richard Oldham. Does no one in the State of Iowa fear our Heavenly Father? It will start with lightning off in the distance. Lightning the likes of which none of you will ever want to witness again. Thunder echoing in your streets without end. Rain and hail that will cause your mouth to hang open. Tornadoes cruising your streets with surreal ball lightning escorting them,patrolling your streets. No speeders there,in fact no one on the streets at all! Everywhere you look Governor Culvert will be disaster! Iowa City will be praying that the storms don’t come there way. But, since they have no idea as to who they are really praying to,their words will be in vain. Which of the 1001 Messiahs well they pray to? Yet, to all those that are truly doing the will of our Father will be protected. As President Bush so aptley said in his Inaugural Address,” There is an angel in every whirlwind and God plots the path of every storm. Cedar Rapids and Waterloo well see and wonder how long until it is their turn.

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