Entry for July 18, 2008


Oh me,Oh my what the hell is happening in Iowa City,Waterloo,Cedar Rapids,and Marshall !!!???!!! I guess most of you will say,”He got lucky.” Do you mean AGAIN!!!???!!! and again and again…!!! Go to NOAA and click on Upper Mississippi Valley. Click on radars,then click on storm loop . Click on Iowa City !!! My all the dark yellows,browns,and startin to get some reds!!!!! All along the river sheds that feed into Iowa City,Iowa !!! You can’t see the outline of our Father’s Arm in the radars and storm totals?!!!! Oh,do you think they should have or would now grant me diplomatic immunity ???!!! If there is no more room upon the hill,I’ll see ya on the dark side of the moon Oldham(Odum). OH OHH OH OH oH. Put on your sackcloth you people in Iowa and ashes and beg our Messiah for forgiveness!!! Des Moines should I lament and mourn for you? Not !!! Strike them to their knees Father. Tear down the works of their hands! Kill them Father( At least until they fear You enough to start listening to You again)!!! Drown them Father!!! I’ll be watchin you drown,waving my hand hearing you scream quiet or loud …….and Jim OLDHAM, and Jim Oldham…and Jim Oldham…; Our Lady of Peace, “Clumsy”.

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