Entry for July 18, 2008


Please go to NOAA website and click on Upper Mississippi Valley. Then click on Iowa City and run a storm loop. Oh my !!!! I think I can see our mighty Father’s Arm outstretched against Waterloo,Cedar Rapids, and Marshall !!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I tell you? Did I prophesy to you all? Did I stand in Courthouse in Iowa City and demand diplomatic immunity ? Did I give them documents and letters? Did I prophecy to them all in the State of Iowa and especially Iowa City in that motion to dismiss? Did I not prophecy in my letter to Senator Sasser that they would see floods the likes of which they have never see?!!!!!? This country is a little over 200 years old. A 500 year flood event qualifies doesn’t it???!!!! All I can pray for are for many plagues upon you all !!!!!!!!! Go to www.Jamesoldham.com and look at FL Intro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the other letters and court documents !!!!!!!! Ask Senator Grassley for a copy of letter I sent him.Ask the newspapers in Desmoines(Register),the Courrier in Waterloo,the paper in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids !!!!!!!!!!!

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