Entry for July 21, 2008


Monday, Monday can’t trust that day….From Sioux City to Desmoines,and all the way to Iowa City. Looks like ya all got some yard work to do. Power to restore. Giant tree limbs to clear off your homes,businesses, and streets. Gee…and ya better watch those rivers and creeks!!!! Ya all better be quick though,cause the next batch of storms and rains is already coming into NW Iowa ! How much corn ya gonna sell this fall? I know,ya all should have planted RICE. Ha HA that’s funny!!! Ya all got a lot of hills,maybe ya should have started terracing them instead of chasing after the bio-diesel bucks. How many of your cars have dimples…isn’t that cute? 100 MPH winds in Des Moines,why you ault to start a wind farm !!! I guess there won’t be classes in Iowa City today,maybe ya all can go sand baggin !!! You really should find out what’s in the court documents in Iowa City for case # SRCR0066132, the State of Iowa VS James Richard Oldham. If its a match or competition, I think I’m winning. If the courthouse won’t cooperate ya might ask ex-Goevernor Vilsack,Governor Culver,Senator Grassley,Des Moines Register,Waterloo Courrier,Cedar Rapids Gazette,or the Iowa City Press-Citizen about a prophet that declared and prayed in those court documents for many plagues upon you all. That I warned Governor Vilsack that the fate of his citizens is in his and Senator Grassley’s power to be a blessing or a curse upon you all. All this after giving letters starting in 1985 with prophecies I sent elected officials,newspapers,and TV stations which all came to pass!!! Plus a special review by the USA government that implied I am a prophet!!! A court document from Melbourne,FL courthouse document stamped December of 1998 that asked our Father to put hurricanes on Pat Robertson and his church in Virginia Beach,VA in 1999. If you count hurricane Dennis twice(since it got them went out to sea,turned around and got them again)Flyod once,and Irene once that’s 4 hurricanes to pay Pat and his church in 1999!!!! Yet,when I demanded diplomatic immunity in that courthouse in Iowa City,the judged laughed !!!! When I gave her my letters,court documents,reviews,and a reply from Governor Ned Mc Wherter of TN to support my demand(Which the judged asked me to put in my file),I was shown no respect. Their was no fear in her!!!! I love you all,but,I can only pray for many more plagues upon you all. The April 13th tornado outbreak in Johnson County wasn’t enough. Hail damage wasn’t enough,and a 500 year FLOOD event wasn’t enough. What does our heavenly Father have to do to you all before He gets the respect and honor He deserves? What more does He have to do to get you all to fear Him? Maybe then you will listen to Him. Did He send me? If the things I have proclaimed and prophecied in His name come to pass then fear him(Me). If they don’t,don’t worry about,He didn’t send me,then KILL me for being a false prophet. Go to www.Jamesoldham.com and see some of the letters I sent or personally delivered. The newspapers and your elected officials aren’t pissing me off,they’re offending and making our Father angry. He has given you all time to consider. Time to see Him proving my words. 1000’s of sure signs from heaven!!!! If no one says a word concerning all that has happened,He’ll have no choice but to start killing you all in great numbers.Why,cause the harvest is getting ripe,and how can He redeem people who will not fear his judgement,who won’t listen to what He is saying!!! Put on sackcloth and wail for His forgiveness !!! It’s up to you. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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