Entry for July 26, 2008



Our Father\’s blessing on the USA has been replaced with a CURSE,because this nation has turned away from His laws,commandments,precepts, and ordinances. This nation believes it is NOT by His blessings that have made this nation great,but,by the works of their hands,stealth fighters,bombers,submarines,aircraft carriers,tanks,cruise missles,and ground pounders. NOT !!!!!!! See how this nation fairs around the world with His CURSE upon you all!!!!!!! The FLOODS and droughts.The giant hailstorms.The armies of our heavenly Father,his swarms of cutters,choppers,aphids,borers,nats,and misquitos!!!!!!! The mighty winds blow the works of your hands down!!!!!!! The rains pounding you into submission. OH the HAIL !Oh the whirlwinds!!!!!!! Along with the letters to Senator Grassley and Governor Vilsack was a letter to President Bush declaring this curse and the destruction of the USA. In fact the first warning of this curse was to his dad,the first President Bush !!!!!!! I asked him if he can imagine our heavenly Father\’s effect on the GNP !!!!!!! I put the hurricanes on Pat Robertson,his church,and Virginia Beach in 1999. The 500 year floods on Iowa and surronding areas was put on you all in a court document in Iowa City where I demaneded diplomatic immunity as our Father\’s representative,Case # SRCR0066132 STATE OF IOWA VS YEHOSHUA(James Richard Oldham).Go to http://www.Jamesoldham.com for most of those letters and court documents.

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