Entry for July 27, 2008


Why do I bother writting these blogs ? Does anybody care a gnats ass whether their loved ones get sucked out of your arms by tornadoes ? Or swept away by the raging flood waters? Is there anyone out there that isn’t dead or near dieing? 23 years of prophecies in my letters to your elected officials that our Father PROVED by fullfilling them ! Again and again and again !!! WHAT DOES OUR FATHER HAVE TO DO TO GET THROUGH TO YOU ALL ? Have the ground open up and swallow a magor city ? What ? I think you all figured out by now that I am no longer a reluctant prophet . Next time I put a blog here you all better pay attention .

One Response to “Entry for July 27, 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The next day July 28 2008 there was a 5.9 or a 6.2 earthquake in Los Angelos , CA . Lucky or Yehoshua emphasizing my warning ?

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