Entry for August 23, 2008


Well,the prophet’s feet are dry,but,I can’t speak for others in Florida. When the canals here in Palm Bay were at their top, I prayed for the rains to end here in Palm Bay,after all He said why bother your neighbors that live securely in your midst. The clouds continued to race by,but,the heavens were bound up over Palm Bay when I asked Him to. I asked Him to flood the rest of Brevard County and to especially pound Jacksonville. She can sit and spin just south of the state capital. Maybe that Palm Bay policewoman will be truely sorry she gave me that meaningless speeding ticket a day before Fay came to visit. The people here can call emergency services for help from the flooding and get answers of when we can get around to you,but when it comes to robbing us of our money from meaningless speeding tickets,well,they can be as quick as mercury. Well I go to court here and do as I did in Iowa City? Demand diplomatic immunity as an Ambassador of Yehoshua ? I really hope they have listening devices in my home so they can be assured that our heavenly Father, Isreal, truely listens to His parrot. Maybe some of you all that got flooded out,have gone to your faces on your knees and ask our Messiah for forgiveness and why He is angry with you. I hope you pick the right messiah to pray to out of the over 1001 different messiahs out there! There can only be ONE true and living Mana from heaven !!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Entry for August 23, 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Did Tropical Storm Fay sit and spin just to the South of Tallahassee as I said it would ? Did Tallahassee get flooded bad ? Why was it so hard to get this blog posted,highlighted,and seen by the public? Is the government and Yahoo conspiring to keep my important blogs hidden? Is Yahoo now trying to deny the glory our Messiah Yehoshua deserves and demands? Gee, I guess most of you all well say I got lucky again. NOT !!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Did Fay sit and spin for almost an entire day just to the South of Tallahassee that very next day ? You bet ya !!!!!!!

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