Entry for August 24, 2008


Hey Governor Crist of Florida !!! Did you find any mention of the letters I sent Governor Childes a week or two before he died there in the governors mansion ? He signed a Governors warrant to extradict me to Ohio for 5 year old state misdemeanors. I finally sent him a packet of my letters so he would know why Governor Vionivich of Ohio wanted me so bad for 5 year old state misdemeanors !!!!!!! What kind of judgement ya think HE’LL receive when he stands before Yehoshua our Messiah ? How about Governors Celeste of Ohio,Vilsack and Culver of Iowa, and both President Bushs ?!?! Reagan ? How about poor old bent over Ned McWherter of Tennessee ? Guns and Roses,welcome to the jungle after the line living day by day? Is it not, IF YOU WANT JIM OLDHAM(Pronounced Odom) WELL THAT’S THE PRICE YOU PAY ? How about their song your crazy ? you know you are your fu_kin crazy OLDHAM !!!!!!!??????? Is the last line of that song CRAZY JIM YOUR F_CKIN CRAZY ?! Gee what’s up with Yahoo 360?

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