Entry for August 24, 2008


Gee,I guess some of you can say I was lucky about the historic 500 year no 1000 year flooding in Tallahassee. Do you mean again ? And again ? and again ? The tags said flooding in Florida,cocoa,jacksonville,Tallahassee.It will sit and spin just to the south of the state capital. Did it not sit just to your south Governor Crist? More to the south then southwest? Did it sit there and spin just to your south almost all day Saturday ? Did I not warn you all. Hey my blog says a prophet !!!!!!! Past,current, and FUTURE EVENTS !!!!!!! Why didn’t anyone call me to ask our Father to move it along alot quicker ? Or to bind up the heavens like he did for me and Shelley for Palm Bay,FL ? You all think this is a JOKE ???????? Go to my website www.JamesOldham.com and see what I told Governors Vilsack and Culver in Iowa. What I said in the courthouse in Iowa City,Iowa . Did I not demand diplomatic immunity as an ambassador of YEHOSHUA our Messiah ? Did I not say in my motion to dismiss after being denied diplomatic immunity, that all I can pray for is many plagues upon you all ? Did I not warn Governor Vilsack in the letter to him posted on my site that the fate of his state and his people is on his shoulders? Did they not get 12 tornadoes in Johnson county in one day on April 12 2005 ? Ice storms,Hail and 500 year flooding ??!!??!!!! 100 mile an hour winds and tornadoes in Des Moines again and again and again ? Hail putting dimples in their cars….OH HOW CUTE !

One Response to “Entry for August 24, 2008”

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