Entry for September 11, 2008


Did I say Major flooding? I think Devastating is more appropriate. Hurricane Ike sets a new record, 6 tropical systems to hit USA in a roll !!!!!!! Its almost like on and on the songs roll on !!!!!!! Get them Oh heavenly FATHER…pound then into submission as they pounded me on the floor of the Lucas County jail in Toledo…FLOOD them as my blood flooded the concrete…make it a lasting wound as I was wounded and have my muscles bunching up in at least 6 or 7 different spots at any given time from where they clubbed and stomped on me while in chains and handcuffs…so stomp on them…so restrain their rescue attempts…take out Your mighty rod and strike them to their knees…maybe while they are there they will accept Your attempts at correction on your disobediant children and pray and shout out for forgiveness. Maybe some of them well start fearing You again and start listening to YOU…they tried to scare me into submission,but it really taught me who I should really fear and ONLY FEAR,YOU,ISREAL. So show them all in Ikes path who they really should FEAR,YOU,and Your judgement on their souls. I just pray that those who well die have already squared with YOU and did NOT wait to their last dieing breaths.

One Response to “Entry for September 11, 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Let the blind lead the blind, they well all fall in a ditch along the wayside.

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