Entry for September 11, 2008


REM , Dead Letters Office , Voice of Herod … Oldham your rugged cross… a Light shines in the dessert( I lived In Yuma AZ) could not be more en made up … On and on the songs roll on and soon you are caught up…….. I AM THE SONG MAN . I didn’t ask em to sing about me,I didn’t pay em,they should be payin me for the inspiration from my letters and life. Pearl Jams, 10 ; Black , My letter to Mrs Gairth and the superintendant of schools for the state of Tennessee ABOUT Petroleum the spiritual remains of an unholy union between spirit (EVIL) and flesh…Theres an Oldham and at the end of song a bunch of Toledo ‘s where I was born and where it REALLY starts(Yes, Our Song the touching of a healin heart…so this is where it REALLY starts……City of Love …Good guys they SPIKE ya hard(With billy clubs while in handcuffs and chains) when your their sacrifice…cracked ribs….screaming for bloody murder….Leave it Goodbye goodbye bad hello hello heaven…Odum Odum Odum Odum James Odum Hold On Sonshine Sonshine shine on you Sonshine shine on through…well hold on Odum….Justice to the left of you Justice to the Right…Constitution screw up shatering all the dreams Odum…Odum)And Jeremy …Try to erase it…try to erase it…try to erase from the BLACKBOARD….Oldham…Oldham…Oldham…Oldham …I remember pickin on the boy,seemed a harmless little fu_k,But we unleashed a lion…my jaw left hangin open just like the day I heard(Read my letters)…Spoken yesterday Jeremy ; Jeremiah the Prophet. I could go on and on and on and soon ya are caught up.

One Response to “Entry for September 11, 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gee those lyrics really do mean something don’t they !!!!!!! Why hasn’t anyone but me mentioned all this and to where Guns and Roses,Pear Jam,REM,Rollingstones,Scorpions,U2,Our Lady Of Peace,etc,etc,etc get all there inspiration and information from ????!!!!! Could this blog and my website be for real ? It IsReal and this isn’t no f_cking game !!!!!!!

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