Entry for September 11, 2008


ride em cowboy,getty up.weather forecast for the heartland.Windy and rain with major flooding.Is the wall high enuf in Galveston…I don’t think so . For all you “christians” out there, I really hope you pick the right Messiah to pray to out of the over 1001 different Messiahs in all those so called “christian” churches out there. I think my nah nah nah’s got to Governors Culver and Crist,so IsReal our Messiah , Yehoshua kept things a little quieter in their states. Seems He isn’t ready for them to confront me yet. I guess I have more work yet to do and I so much desire to go home. OH BY THE WAY, I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand,watchin ya scream…….. and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham… and Jim Oldham…… Texas was part of the South wasn’t it ?

One Response to “Entry for September 11, 2008”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    One day after posting this blog and Hurricane Ike still over 200 miles away the waves are already crashing over that wall in Galveston !!!!!!! Wind up Ike really GOOD Yehoshua strengthen it and give Your angels charge to devastate the USA GOOD !!!!!!!

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