Entry for September 12, 2008


When the jury found me guilty of something I didn’t do,that made the public guilty of shedding my blood.It has given me cause against you all,it is no longer me against this corrupt government,but you all also.How many well read this blog ( 250 so far ),read my website at www.JamesOldham.com and do nothing? Not even warn your friends and family. Try to teach your children about our true Messiah ? Write a song for or against me? Put on sackcloth pick up your cross and walk with me? Tell your friends to visit my website to judge for themselves? Write me off as crazy ? Or try to say that I am the anti-Christ ? Who will cry at my funeral ? Or will you party and exchange gifts ? Are you the one that is guilty ? If you don’t warn someone of their sins then you are guilty of them. Wake up !!!!!!! Demand a Mt Carmel !!!!!!! Yehoshua will prove who He sends and has sent. He is the only One that can.

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