Entry for September 12, 2008


You can’t stop us now !!!!!!! All these years I sat and listened to the drunkards sing songs about my letters and life saying nothing but to friends. Trust me, there are hours and hours of top ten music inspired by my life, letters, and court appearances. Now there is so much out there, this government is paralyzed with fear that this will all get out. There worse fear is a major network with a camera in my face !!!!!!! What will I say ? They want to shut me up,they sure enuf have tried ! To kill me they risk making a Martyr out of me and risking what Yehoshua, the Holy ONE of ISREAL will do . Not to mention what all the rock and roll bands will write and do. This “SECRET MISSION” isn’t so secret anymore!!!!!!! Grace Slick long ago sang,” nothings gonna stop us now….” !!!!!!! Thank you Grace ,I mean it and meant all I said and did. I seeing it,I believing it,I knowing it …. Yes 90125 what a beautiful CD and Album!!!

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