Entry for September 13, 2008


Is James Oldham really Elijah? Could Jim Oldham prove this as fact? No !!!!!!! What could I do to prove that I am John the Baptist ? How could I prove that I’m Elijah ? I can’t ! But there is SOMEONE that can,and is ! Yehoshua our Messiah can and is. I’ve did the research on what is all over the internet concerning who is really elijah. What a joke ! Surely Isreal would prepare the way for such an important person to enter the world stage. Provide him with great signs,works,and support. He has done all this for me already. Now whether I am John the Baptist or Elijah only our heavenly Father could say for sure,but certainly, I am His prophet sent by Him. Surely I am at least a witness to the truth He sent me to preach.Straighten the path that was made crooked ? I have been preaching that Luke should never have been granted Gospel authority since 1977 .That Luke and Paul are LIARS ( 1John 2:4 ) and anti-Christs since 1977. That they both had no business contradicting what Yehoshua our Messiah said in Matthew 5 : 17-22 . That Paul is correct about one thing for sure, he is a wretched man, a pathetic and pathological LIAR !!!!!!! For this is the patience of the saints, all those that keep Yehoshua’s Laws,Feast days,Commandments,Precepts,Ordinances,and Judgements along with the testimony of our Messiah Yehoshua . Anyone who does not come preaching to the law and to the testimony( Of Yehoshua ,The Word Of Our Heavenly Father Made Flesh ), has no light in them and truth has no part of them. To call Paul a brother is to admit that the devil is your father. Who has declared what the beast is that comes from the bottomless pit ? How it is man himself that will cause eternal punishment on the sinners by turning the earth into a sun. That even if the devil gets everyone on the earth,he’ll still only have the 1/3 he started with and everyone will know why we should never have followed him in the first place because he is and will destroy his only kingdom the earth !!!!!!! Our Messiah,Yehoshua said,” This is not My kingdom if it were you couldn’t take Me…” Did He not give the earth and all that swims in it,creeps on the ground,cattle,and all that flies in the air to Adam ? Did not Adam and his descendants give the earth to the devil by submitting to him? We are the 1/3 of the angels that revolted and turned our backs on our true Father . Yehoshua wishes that none of us would be lost and has been trying since Adam and Eve to talk some sense into us all. To show us what real love,truth,and mercy is all about. By Him and all that He has sent a lot (Remnant) will be saved and returned to heaven and dwell in a New Jerusalem on a New earth. All of you who won’t listen to His warnings and to the warnings of all those He sent will stay on the devils only kingdom the earth that the devil and man have turned into a lake of fire and brimestone , an earth turned into a sun. Come on tell me that the court document I submitted to the Melbourne Florida courthouse in December of 1998 wasn’t my Mt Carmel !!!!!!! Tell me I didn’t place the plagues on Iowa,where 83 of 97 counties in Iowa were declared disater areas in that courthouse in Iowa City. Tell me that Sasser’s representative didn’t speak with Yehoshua in that courthouse in Clarksville Tennessee. That the letter to the people of homes didn’t end a drought in Tennessee and the South except for Georgia in 1987,the driest year in the history of Tennessee up to that time and bring the drought of 1988 to the Great Lakes region. Tell me that I didn’t prophecy the fall of the Berlin wall at least a year ahaed of time.Tell me that I didn’t prophecy Reagan shaking hands with Russia and calling them friends. Tell me I didn’t prophecy the floods the likes of which we have never seen( 500 year flood is twice as old as this nation !!!!!!) Tell me that my letter to the USSR didn’t cause the earthquake in Armenia that following morning that killed over 40,000 people. Tell me why this government is trying so hard to keep me a secret,even though a doctor working for the Veterans Administration so much as declared me a prophet sent by Yehoshua !!!!!!!

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