Entry for October 04, 2008


Why did our heavenly Father create the earth and put us on it? Why has He allowed the devil such great leeway? Why hasn’t He sapped him yet? The heavens were at war and the violent seeked to take the heavens by force. 1/3 against 2/3’s those that turned their backs on our only true Father and those 2/3’s that remained loyal. All because the devil asked the people,”Why not follow me and do things my way,isn’t my glory….?”

Well, a third of us(angels) listened to the devil. What should our Father have done? Kill all of us traitors and be done with it? I’m glad He is wiser than us. How many centuries would have passed before another butthead asked the same question,and we all would go through this again and again?

So He created the earth and gave dominion of the earth and all that dwells on it to humans. Us humans by our sins and having the devil as our father gave that dominion to the devil. Remember the devil offered all the glory of all the kingdoms of the earth to our Messiah,Yehoshua, if He would only bow down to him. The kingdoms of the earth were the devils to give. Our Messiah said,” This is not My kingdom,if it were….”

So,why do so many people blame our heavenly Father for the evil that is being done down here? You want someone to blame for the problems down here,blame the devil and how he is ruling and taking care of his ONLY KINGDOM !

Our Father’s wisdom and creation of this earth answers the devil’s question, WHY NOT FOLLOW (WORSHIP) ME ? What has he done to his only kingdom? Mass extinctions,pollution,killing,stealing,rape,and greed just a small part of the evils the devil has given us.

Just remember,if the devil gets us all,he’ll still only have the 1/3 he started with and still be the pathetic loser he is. Our Father has been trying to show us all the error of our following the devil from the very beginning. He even suffered horribly and died for us all to show us what love is all about. The true meaning of forgiveness and mercy. The only sure way back to paradise,through Yehoshua,and all that He has shown us and taught us. He has been true from the garden of Eden until the earth turns into a blazing sun !!! It is not our heavenly Father who is going to punish us for all eternity in a lake of fire and brimestone. Our Father did not melt down at least one of the cores at cHErnobyLL .

You all can chose to keep following the devil and his ways, or repent and start keeping our hevanly Fathers words and way and meet him in the clouds on your way to the New Jerusalem and the New Earth, or stay down here with your terrible father,where your worm(spirit) will never die.

Even on the New Earth when the devil is locked up some of you well listen to him once again when he is released from his prison. Even with a 1000 years of no intrference,some us well fail in teaching you all the importance of never again having war and violence in the heavens again.

http://www.antenna.nl/wise/449-450/4.html states that the number 4 reactor at chernobyll had 190 tons of nuclear fuel !!!!!!! That it is an enrichment plant that enriches uranium and makes tritium. How many pounds of plutonium did it contain,1800 ? More? On national TV President Reagan said TWO reactors were on fire. Was it one or TWO cores that melted down? 190 tons or 380 tons to eat its way into the bowels of the earth ? The distance between molecules down there is a lot more dense than at sea level.What will gravity and the magnetic field do to all that uranium and plutonium when it finally gets to where it is going? The gravity of the situation is GRAVE indeed !!!!!!! Don’t believe the lies from Russia that miners at great risk to themselves tunneled under the core and stopped its descent. Once melted down and the temperatures of a melt down are reached nothing can stop it. Graphite is used to keep the temperatures and fission from going out of control along with water. But once those temperatures rise in a meltdown the core would burn right through graphite or anything.

Even as a fig tree turns green we will know that summer is approaching,so shall we KNOW that the end is near. Isaiah 33 : 14 The sinners in Zion are afraid,Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites.” Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings ?” Burnings that the devil and his followers caused !!!!!!!

Like I asked you all before. What are you doing with your second chance at life ? How are you all showing( PROVING) that you love Yehoshua with all your hearts,body,mind,and souls ? By following Luke and Paul in saying that His words are only good for death,like the murmurrers in the wilderness that got bit by snakes? Our keeping Matthew 5:17-22 , Revelations 12:17 and 14:12 ? Are you warning everyone that Acts 15:23-29 are lies !!! That that so called Jerusalem Decree is the start of all the false “Christian” churches in the world today !!!! Or are you all still confused as to the true Messiah out of the over 1001 false messiahs out there?

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