Entry for October 10, 2008


The Vienna Conference ( On Chernobyll ) said more than 5 tons of highly radioactive material ( 5 % core of 190 tons of fuel of reactor 4 ) blasted into the atmosphere as if from 1667 rockets( number of huge fuel rods ) , twice that low calculation if 2 reactors melted down . Raining down on us , even more under high pressure systems. Last reading they publicized a few weeks after melt down at Chernobyll was background radiation levels 30 times normal . That Sweden detected plutonium and uranium in cloud after Chernobyl . Where are all the real hot spots they aren’t telling us about . What is the background readings today ? Do you think they aught to give them to you like the ozone or UV outlooks for your city that day? Think that might be important to know before you decide to move to a certain city or area ? Or make ya run out of a certain city that is very hot ? Aren’t yeah glad to know that there are only a certain ” privileged few ” who really know whats going on in your neighborhood ? Know where the cleanest crops come from ? Panic ? Who shouldn’t panic ? Only those who trust in What IsReal and what is not . The Holy One Of Isreal , IsReal,Yehoshua , Our Messiah that died on a cross for us , Yehoshua ( Joshua ) will stand firm on the ROCK they built on .

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