Entry for October 11, 2008


A doctor for VA said in an official document ,” it appears that I have the gift of prophecy, ( ied that I am a prophet ) . A Government official as much as declared me a prophet !!!!!!! Why shouldn’t I declare or demand my diplomatic immunities ? The State of Iowa doesn’t have to abid by what the federal government declared ? What was Iowa’s punishment for not fearing that Yehoshua sent me ? All they had to do was acknowledge the truth of what I have wrote and spoke to them . 500 YEAR FLOODS and 87 out of 96 counties in Iowa declared disaster areas ? 12 tornadoes in Johnson County in one day ? At least 2 tornadoes that ploud into IOU and Iowa City that day ? Widespread HAIL DAMAGE on autos , crops , and homes ? I told them” …MANY PLAGUES upon you all “. Do you think that Yehoshua backed those words up ? And that HE is not through with Iowa ? How many different organizations have had me on there list throughout the many years I have been boldly declaring the Word of Our FATHER !! Bringing both blessings and plagues . BOLDLY speaking while staring straight into the eyes of those judges and magistrats . Standing up and speaking some of the things you would love to speak but well never dare . A prophet ? A hero ? A goat ? A parrot ? A lunatic ? Or am I really just confident in the love,power,mercy,compassion,and forgiveness of Yeoshua,the Holy One Of Isreal( IsReal ) ? Forgiveness and forgetfulness of our FATHER!!!!!!!

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