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Entry for November 22, 2008

November 22, 2008


Me oh my what the heck is going on with the stock markets here in the USA and around the world? Are you all confident in the new \”messiah\” and all he is going to do? You really think the markets aren\’t going to collapse? Is this the beginning of the fall of the USA ? Read my blog entry for September 22 , 2008 !!!!!!! Where or what are you putting your faith in ? What are you betting on ? The dollar? GM ? Ford? AIG ? Dow ? Wall street ? DC ? The new \”messiah\”? Your shot gun or huntin rifle? Your neighbors? In G_d we trust?The seven or eight super rich families? The Rockefellars?The Mellons?The pope?The Dali Lama?Paul?Luke?The \”messiah\” in Russia? The \”messiahs\” in the USA? Your stockpiles of food?Gold?Silver?Your Representatives in DC that don\’t represent you?Alex Jones?Your houses and churches that were built on sand? In your children\’s futures?Your jobs? Your 401 K\’s?petroleum futures?Your banks?Should I mourn and lament for the fall of the USA ? What\’s going to keep the nukes from flyin ? Riots in the streets ? What\’s going to keep us from hearing we\’ll eat my son today and your son tomorrow? My left arm(to eat) for a sword?!? Will we witness just how civil our neighbors really are in our civilized society?I hope you all are praying to the ONE real Messiah out of the over 10,000 false messiahs out there !

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