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Entry for February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

They already have a microchip and some families have already opted to have them implanted ! There are news stories following 911 about this chip and stories of the missing children and how if they had this chip they’d know where they are. The Bilderberg group,the illumanati,and masons consider us their cattle and instead of a tatoo or a tag on our ears ,they will implant microchips on their property throughout the world. How soon until they start culling their herds ? Their stated goal and commandment on the stone wall in Georgia is no more than 500,000,000 people ( Cattle ) on the earth. Do not consider how you value yourself but how they value your worth . So,even if you accept the mark of the beast,do you really think you’ll survive the culling of the herds down to 500,000,000 cattle ( People or souls ) ? They will start to killing SIX BILLION people soon !!!!!!! What do you think all the FEMA and empty concentration camps all across America are for ? The new stimulus bill calls for even more camps to be built on military bases ! For the first time in USA history our military can now participate in domestic affairs ! What rights do you have to stand against their plans ? You can still put up pages,blogs, and websites and speak up !!!!!!! Wake up and speak up while we still can !!!!!!! You bands out there have the microphone in front of you. Don’t choke on it, USE IT !!!! Send donations to Alex Jones and !!! Above all,find your true Messiah out of the over 1001 false messiahs out there !!!!!!! Google concentration camps and the stone wall in Georgia and you will be dismayed. How could the land of the free come to this ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Entry for February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009

Revelation 13 : 16-18 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor , free and slave, to receive a mark ( Microchip ) on their right hand ( At first ) or on ( Inside ) their foreheads. and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.When the governments collapse around the world ( Economic,stock markets,etc) One world government will arise with one person in charge. He will be the devils representaive and be in charge of all the bar codes ( That are set by three ( 3 ) sixes. One six at the beginning,one in the middle,and one at the end.These never change only the bars in between that represent what the product is. The chips people take in their hands or heads will have their own personalized bar code and become a product of this new world government. I am sorry I have let you all down. I should have done more.We all are facing a decision.It is being forced upon us all.There will be no more lukewarm churches or people.No more fence sitters.You all will be faced with just ONE decision.To worship the beast ( devil ) and accept a chip in your hand at first and later to be implanted in your heads or not. THE SYSTEM IS ALREADY IN PLACE MY FRIENDS !!!!!!! How easy to unplug the credit/debit card scanners that are at all the gas stations,food stores,and banks and simply replace them with scanners that can only read the chips you have accepted into your hands or heads that signify that you worship the beast ( lucifer or the devil or his representative on this earth! I hope their are millions of Americans that won’t accept his mark or chip. I hope that there will be organisations ready and prepared to feed and cloth those people that flee the system,because they will not be able to rent a room in a hotel or buy gas for their cars and trucks or buy food or water at a store. I hope there will be places they can flee to so that they can be fed and clothed. To work to support their brothers and sisters(All those that do the will of our heavenly Father and will not accept the mark of the beast or worship him)and do whatever they can to help one another. Soon there will be a worldwide economic collapse of all the governments and one world government will emerge and all business will be done through those chips in your hands or heads. The only way you will be given this chip is to declare that you worship the beast ( devil or lucifer or his representative on the earth ) . Then we all will know how simple the reason for our existence and the history of the nations and why we were given free will. To make but one decision. ONE CHOICE !!!!!!! To worship and chose GOOD or evil. In other words who we will serve. There are only TWO choices ! Our Heavenly Father who created us and became His word made flesh ,YEHOSHUA ( Joshua ) and died for us. Or to chose the evil one who started all the crap in heaven by saying,” Why not worship me instead of Him…….”

Revelation 14 : 12 These are the people that won’t get the microchip and worship the beast !!!!!!! HERE IS THE PATIENCE OF THE SAINTS; HERE ARE THOSE WHO KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF OUR FATHER AND THE FAITH OF YEHOSHUA ( JOSHUA ).These are not the people who have believed and trusted in a lie from Luke,Paul,or their aPasulSauls ( aPaulSouls ) in believing that Yehoshua didn’t say in Matthew 5 : 17-22 that he did NOT come to do away with the laws or commandments….the heaven and earth will pass away but MY words will NEVER pass away !!!!!!!!! You all must be faithful to all the wonderful and GOOD words that our heavenly Father, Yehoshua , gave us. ALL OF THEM IN THE OLD TESTAMENT AND THE NEW TESTAMENT. Beware of the tares that Luke,Paul,and their people sowed in the new testament. 1 John 2 : 4 ANYONE ( Luke, Paul, Christian, Jew, or Gentile ) who says I know Yehoshua and keeps NOT His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in them. 1 John 5 : 3 THIS IS THE LOVE OF YEHOSHUA ( JOSHUA ), WHEN WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS AND THEY ARE NOT BURDENSOME. Don’t listen to Paul who says OH WRETCHED MAN THAT I AM….THE LAW OR COMMANDMENTS IS ONLY GOOD FOR DEATH….THAT THE LAW WAS NAILED TO THE CROSS AND DIED NEVER TO BE RESURRECTED……THAT WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW OR COMMANDMENTS ANYMORE BUT UNDER GRACE ( IGNORING WHAT YEHOSHUA ( JOSHUA ) SAID IN MATTHEW 5 : 17-22 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR AT LEAST WHAT YEHOSHUA ( JOSHUA ) SAID IN THE TRUE GOSPELS DOZENS OF TIMES …….. THE HEAVEN AND EARTH WILL PASS AWAY BUT MY WORDS WILL NEVER PASS AWAY !!!!!!!!!!! THE LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS YEHOSHUA ( JOSHUA ) GAVE TO ADAM,ABLE,ENOCH,JONAH, NOAH,ABRAHAM ( WHO OBEYED HIS VOICE AND KEPT HIS LAWS,COMMANDMENTS,ETC…………),ISAAC,ISREAL,EPHRAIM, MANASSEH,MOSES,ETC……………. Choice who you will serve wisely. Luke should never have been granted Gospel authority since he never seen or heard Yehoshua ( Joshua ) and admits it at the beginning of his gospel account !!!!!!! Chose between a lie or the TRUTH,GOOD or bad !!!!!!!!!!! Please look at also the following sites Alex Jones,and INFO WARS .You all have seen how our government has lied to us. Do you really think that past governments didn’t place lies ( TARES ) in the New Testament ? Didn’t Yehoshua ( Joshua ) warn us they were going to do this in Matthew 13 : 18-30 ?!

Entry for February 17, 2009

February 16, 2009

Past,current,and FUTURE EVENTS ……….PROPHECIES !!!!!!! WARNINGS !!!!!!! PLAGUES !!!!! ALL I CAN DO IS PRAY FOR MANY PLAGUES UPON YOU ALL !!!!!!! I would have to say that my prophecies concerning major plagues involving weather disasters started on December 22 , 1987 in my letter to the people of homes ( Great Lakes region) and also on the margin gave a blessing to the South except for Georgia of ending a long term drought there !!!!!!! You should look at my post on this blog of December 18 th 2007 Where I warn Iowa City Johnson County and Iowa of what is to come !!!!!!!! The tags are PROPHECY,insanity,tornadoes,ice storms, and WEATHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT Iowa City Johnson County IOWA !!!!!!!!!!!! Both Warnings come at or near the winter solistice when every day will begin to see more and more sunlight each day,the longest nights coming to an end ! My blog of DECEMBER 18, 2007 . What occured in Iowa City, Corralville, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and 83 of 97 counties in Iowa in 2008 that were declared disaster areas from all the floods ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 500 year floods no I say 1000 year floods of 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!! Burlington and Davenport !!!!!!!!!! The TORNADO that wiped Parkersburg IOWA off the map !!!!!!! The BOYSCOUTS that died in the Tornado in Sioux City !!!!!! I first warned them in that Courthouse in Iowa City when that idiotic judge denied me diplomatic Immunity expressing no fear of our Messiah , Yehoshua , our heavenly Father ISREAL inspite of all the supporting prophetic letters and court documents that had all previously come to pass !!!!!!! Nor was she afraid of Dr Adams special review for the Veterans Administration that stated it appears I have the gift of prophecy !!!!!!! So, I took matters into my own hands and started a web site at and this blog so that you all can see what warnings and prophecies I have declared for this nation and the world . I have even paid hundreds of dollars at google ads to bring as many people as I could to it since the TV stations,Newspapers, and your elected BUTTHEADS would not pass on my warnings and prophecies to you all. Even going to Courthouses and jail so I could make this all a part of the PUBLIC RECORD with Court Document stamps with dates and all pertinate info . I could have just sent a check with my fines to the Courthouse and been done with it. BUT I DIDN’T !!!!!! I put my butt on the line once again and stretched my neck way out so you all would know that I am concerned for you all and have nothing but love in my heart for all of you. So you all would know that I love our Mother’s children and that this is REAL !!!!! That I am for real, the REAL THING !!!!!!! That I am ISREAL !!!!!!! That if you have seen Yehoshua you have seen me ! That if you have seen me you have seen YEHOSHUA ! That we are ONE and that I wish you all would be ONE with US ! Is it my fault no one would listen to me ? That no one would fear my warnings ? That no one would listen to YEHOSHUA ? Or fear HIM ? He didn’t bring all these disasters upon you because you all deserved to be made homeless and killed !!!!!!! He bought these things upon you cause He loves you all and wishes NONE would be lost !!!!!!! T o wake you all up before its to late ! To bring you to your knees and start to question why these things have come your way ! To wonder why your Messiah is upset with you ! To get you to examine your FAITH or lack of it ! To bring you to your hands and knees at His feet and beg for forgiveness ! To howl and wail for His forgiveness and mercy !!!!!!! So that you all would once again listen to your only true Father,Yehoshua !!!!! So that you would have time to show HIM you truely love HIM with everything you are and be allowed to come back to heaven from which you fell ( CAME ) !!!!!!! 1John 5 : 3 This is the love of Yehoshua,when we KEEP His commandments and they are NOT burdensome !!!!!!!

Entry for February 01, 2009

February 1, 2009

FINALLY you patriots out there seen a need to close the barn door , but that PALE HORSE was already on the loose starting its rampage in the USA to make an example to the rest of the world your complacency in letting a wicked Jezebel beguil your mother’s children…..and Death and Hades came callin…

Where were you patriots after 55 an Emergency Act of Congress…Ruby Ridge…..passing of the anti-domestic terrorist act…allowing legal same sex marriages…burning of our mother’s children at Waco…states that voted for an eighteen drinking age and threatened and exhorted into ignoring the will and vote of the majority…states that voted against seatbelt laws…WTC and Patriot Act…Exporting our evil into Iraq…millions of abortions…homeless in boxes across your nation while millions of vacant houses all around…I could go on and on !

You well be mowed down like parched grass. You well be saying you give glory to god (Jupiter) for your revolution and you well be correct cause Yehoshua has cursed Manasseh for rejecting His laws and commandments. A remnant is all that we can look for coming out of America.

Entry for February 01, 2009

February 1, 2009

I started the good fight in 1977. I wrote letters to your elected buttheads,newspapers,and TV stations warning you all of the dangers to the USA. I called for you all to take action against the assault on our rights and freedoms from an evil government. My brothers and sisters said,” Why don’t you write about something that people actually care about?” Years later these same brothers and sisters are crying about the Patriot Act and all of the loss of their freedoms. Now,we have Adam Kokesh,Alex Jones,www.dprogram,and a host of others advocating a revolutionary war! Just type in Google search concentration camps and you’ll receieve over a million hits all pointing to the empty holding and death camps waiting to be filled throughout the USA . Recently,Congress just passed a law to build more of them on military installations. If you all had listened to my first warnings without war we could have changed the course this nation was on. These new revolutionaries want to close the door after the horse has already left the barn. Those rich bankers that run the world behind closed doors are now prepared for full disclosure and what you will see and are beginning to see will bring tears to your eyes.

Its to late !!! They would love for you to pick up arms so the police( Uniformed and secret ) along with the military that now has authority to intervene in domestic disputes can mow you all down. You all are a day late and a dollar short. Live by the sword(Gun) and you’ll die by the sword and so quickly everyone watching mouths will fall open ! That’s if your not all rounded up before the hostilities start !

As I have wrote at my website at and on this blog. This is not my kingdom,neither is it our Messiahs !!! Our Father gave all that swims in the seas and walks,crawls,or flies in the skies to Adam. Its his kingdom and he and his descendants have given all dominion to the devil. When he offered all the gory of the great kingdoms of the earth to our Messiah they were his to give. So what do you ( And we humans are the 1/3 of the rebell angels that turned our backs on our only true Father) expect to find on the earth today? Love? Mercy?Compassion?Lovingtenderkindness? Not from any government on this planet ! Only in those people that Yehoshua has set free !!!

My call to all you warriors out there is to fight with me the good fight !!! For the hearts,minds, and souls of our true brothers and sisters out there. To help straighten the path that the churches through Lukes and Pauls lies tried to make crooked. To give our countrymen and women and folks around the world a chance to get there hearts and minds right with our TRUE FATHER, YEHOSHUA or ISREAL so that our souls could return to heaven giving the devil less than the 1/3 he started with.

Even before one is shot or executed they are offered a last meal or a cigarette,so should we offer our brothers and sisters a chance to be Saved by Yehoshua. Not as the so called christian churches do it by making those babes that come for support and to sing praises to our Messiah do it making them twice the devils they were before being saved by throwing away all the life giving words,laws,precepts,judgements,ordinances,and commandments of our Messiah,Yehoshua,but,by worshipping Him in TRUTH and love. 1 John 5:3 and this is the love of Yehoshua,when we keep His commandments and they are NOT burdensome !!!!!! 1John 2:4 Anyone (Luke,Paul,christian,jew,or gentile) that says I know HIM and keeps NOT HIS commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him!!!!!!!! John called Luke and Paul LIARS long before I started calling them LIARS and anti-Christs !!!!!!! Matthew 5:17-22 says…DON’T BE MISTAKEN, I did NOT come to do away with the LAWS….Not till heaven and earth pass away shall one letter or word pass from the LAWS………… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAKE UP before it is to late cause your time is very very short !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The collapse of the financial markets is days away !!!!!!!! The end of the USA government will soon follow and the NWO will be at hand. Do you really think you are material to be one of the 500,000,000 people allowed to continue from their stated goals wrote in STONE on that wall in Georgia ?

Why do you think you owe anything to this wicked US government? Do you really think our forefathers were looking out for you and me? They didn’t grant us inalienable rights ! Our Father did when He planted that tree with the forbidden fruit on it in the garden. Your right to chose! Your right to decide ! Your free will was and is still being paid for in our blood and deaths!!! Chose wisely and carefully and once you,ve made that choice no government or people can change it !!! Not even Yehoshua or the devil !!!!!!! Its your power that Yehoshua gave to us !!!!!!! Knowing all along what the cost for granting us free will would cost. But,what a gift !!!!!!! And what a CURSE if you chose unwisely !!!!!!!

The only people allowed to vote when this nation was founded were land owners who represented only 5 % of the population. They didn’t even trust those people and made the final decision in the hands of the electoral . The main author of the constitution was a Mason who worship a different father than I !!! Most of our descendants were Indebtured servants , slaves,and land squatters. The US has always been about MONEY or capitalism.Those that have alot and try to steal it from those that have little. The rich don’t get richer and poor get poorer? They stopped trying to trick us out of our money and are now openly stealing it from you all !!!!!!! So they can buy more detention centers to house you and your families in ! To buy bullet proof vest and ammunition for their cops to enforce inhumane horrors on most of you all!!! Fires well rage and blood will flow !!!!!!! When the smoke clears you well see the beast clearly just as Germans could smell the burning bodies of the deniers of our heavenly Father,Yehoshua.

The rich have poisoned the land ( By selling hazardous waste as fertilizers),are killing off the swarms of honey bees and feeding us poison for our food and you put your trust in them !!!!!!!What well the people be eating in just a few years ? Each other ?!? Oh, how I hope my brother Cain well find me so I don’t have to watch the worldwide suffering to shortly come our way!!! In sackcloth and ashes I await my fate. With tears flowing down my cheeks I cry for you all.

You all have been asleep for way to long…WAKE UP and run to a holy place in your hearts and minds !!!!!!! Don’t turn to fetch your coats RUN RUN RUN !!!!!!!

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