Entry for February 01, 2009


I started the good fight in 1977. I wrote letters to your elected buttheads,newspapers,and TV stations warning you all of the dangers to the USA. I called for you all to take action against the assault on our rights and freedoms from an evil government. My brothers and sisters said,” Why don’t you write about something that people actually care about?” Years later these same brothers and sisters are crying about the Patriot Act and all of the loss of their freedoms. Now,we have Adam Kokesh,Alex Jones,www.dprogram,and a host of others advocating a revolutionary war! Just type in Google search concentration camps and you’ll receieve over a million hits all pointing to the empty holding and death camps waiting to be filled throughout the USA . Recently,Congress just passed a law to build more of them on military installations. If you all had listened to my first warnings without war we could have changed the course this nation was on. These new revolutionaries want to close the door after the horse has already left the barn. Those rich bankers that run the world behind closed doors are now prepared for full disclosure and what you will see and are beginning to see will bring tears to your eyes.

Its to late !!! They would love for you to pick up arms so the police( Uniformed and secret ) along with the military that now has authority to intervene in domestic disputes can mow you all down. You all are a day late and a dollar short. Live by the sword(Gun) and you’ll die by the sword and so quickly everyone watching mouths will fall open ! That’s if your not all rounded up before the hostilities start !

As I have wrote at my website at www.JamesOldham.com and on this blog. This is not my kingdom,neither is it our Messiahs !!! Our Father gave all that swims in the seas and walks,crawls,or flies in the skies to Adam. Its his kingdom and he and his descendants have given all dominion to the devil. When he offered all the gory of the great kingdoms of the earth to our Messiah they were his to give. So what do you ( And we humans are the 1/3 of the rebell angels that turned our backs on our only true Father) expect to find on the earth today? Love? Mercy?Compassion?Lovingtenderkindness? Not from any government on this planet ! Only in those people that Yehoshua has set free !!!

My call to all you warriors out there is to fight with me the good fight !!! For the hearts,minds, and souls of our true brothers and sisters out there. To help straighten the path that the churches through Lukes and Pauls lies tried to make crooked. To give our countrymen and women and folks around the world a chance to get there hearts and minds right with our TRUE FATHER, YEHOSHUA or ISREAL so that our souls could return to heaven giving the devil less than the 1/3 he started with.

Even before one is shot or executed they are offered a last meal or a cigarette,so should we offer our brothers and sisters a chance to be Saved by Yehoshua. Not as the so called christian churches do it by making those babes that come for support and to sing praises to our Messiah do it making them twice the devils they were before being saved by throwing away all the life giving words,laws,precepts,judgements,ordinances,and commandments of our Messiah,Yehoshua,but,by worshipping Him in TRUTH and love. 1 John 5:3 and this is the love of Yehoshua,when we keep His commandments and they are NOT burdensome !!!!!! 1John 2:4 Anyone (Luke,Paul,christian,jew,or gentile) that says I know HIM and keeps NOT HIS commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him!!!!!!!! John called Luke and Paul LIARS long before I started calling them LIARS and anti-Christs !!!!!!! Matthew 5:17-22 says…DON’T BE MISTAKEN, I did NOT come to do away with the LAWS….Not till heaven and earth pass away shall one letter or word pass from the LAWS………… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAKE UP before it is to late cause your time is very very short !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The collapse of the financial markets is days away !!!!!!!! The end of the USA government will soon follow and the NWO will be at hand. Do you really think you are material to be one of the 500,000,000 people allowed to continue from their stated goals wrote in STONE on that wall in Georgia ?

Why do you think you owe anything to this wicked US government? Do you really think our forefathers were looking out for you and me? They didn’t grant us inalienable rights ! Our Father did when He planted that tree with the forbidden fruit on it in the garden. Your right to chose! Your right to decide ! Your free will was and is still being paid for in our blood and deaths!!! Chose wisely and carefully and once you,ve made that choice no government or people can change it !!! Not even Yehoshua or the devil !!!!!!! Its your power that Yehoshua gave to us !!!!!!! Knowing all along what the cost for granting us free will would cost. But,what a gift !!!!!!! And what a CURSE if you chose unwisely !!!!!!!

The only people allowed to vote when this nation was founded were land owners who represented only 5 % of the population. They didn’t even trust those people and made the final decision in the hands of the electoral . The main author of the constitution was a Mason who worship a different father than I !!! Most of our descendants were Indebtured servants , slaves,and land squatters. The US has always been about MONEY or capitalism.Those that have alot and try to steal it from those that have little. The rich don’t get richer and poor get poorer? They stopped trying to trick us out of our money and are now openly stealing it from you all !!!!!!! So they can buy more detention centers to house you and your families in ! To buy bullet proof vest and ammunition for their cops to enforce inhumane horrors on most of you all!!! Fires well rage and blood will flow !!!!!!! When the smoke clears you well see the beast clearly just as Germans could smell the burning bodies of the deniers of our heavenly Father,Yehoshua.

The rich have poisoned the land ( By selling hazardous waste as fertilizers),are killing off the swarms of honey bees and feeding us poison for our food and you put your trust in them !!!!!!!What well the people be eating in just a few years ? Each other ?!? Oh, how I hope my brother Cain well find me so I don’t have to watch the worldwide suffering to shortly come our way!!! In sackcloth and ashes I await my fate. With tears flowing down my cheeks I cry for you all.

You all have been asleep for way to long…WAKE UP and run to a holy place in your hearts and minds !!!!!!! Don’t turn to fetch your coats RUN RUN RUN !!!!!!!

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