Entry for February 01, 2009


FINALLY you patriots out there seen a need to close the barn door , but that PALE HORSE was already on the loose starting its rampage in the USA to make an example to the rest of the world your complacency in letting a wicked Jezebel beguil your mother’s children…..and Death and Hades came callin…

Where were you patriots after 55 an Emergency Act of Congress…Ruby Ridge…..passing of the anti-domestic terrorist act…allowing legal same sex marriages…burning of our mother’s children at Waco…states that voted for an eighteen drinking age and threatened and exhorted into ignoring the will and vote of the majority…states that voted against seatbelt laws…WTC and Patriot Act…Exporting our evil into Iraq…millions of abortions…homeless in boxes across your nation while millions of vacant houses all around…I could go on and on !

You well be mowed down like parched grass. You well be saying you give glory to god (Jupiter) for your revolution and you well be correct cause Yehoshua has cursed Manasseh for rejecting His laws and commandments. A remnant is all that we can look for coming out of America.

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