Entry for February 17, 2009


Past,current,and FUTURE EVENTS ……….PROPHECIES !!!!!!! WARNINGS !!!!!!! PLAGUES !!!!! ALL I CAN DO IS PRAY FOR MANY PLAGUES UPON YOU ALL !!!!!!! I would have to say that my prophecies concerning major plagues involving weather disasters started on December 22 , 1987 in my letter to the people of homes ( Great Lakes region) and also on the margin gave a blessing to the South except for Georgia of ending a long term drought there !!!!!!! You should look at my post on this blog of December 18 th 2007 Where I warn Iowa City Johnson County and Iowa of what is to come !!!!!!!! The tags are PROPHECY,insanity,tornadoes,ice storms, and WEATHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH OUT Iowa City Johnson County IOWA !!!!!!!!!!!! Both Warnings come at or near the winter solistice when every day will begin to see more and more sunlight each day,the longest nights coming to an end ! My blog of DECEMBER 18, 2007 . What occured in Iowa City, Corralville, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and 83 of 97 counties in Iowa in 2008 that were declared disaster areas from all the floods ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 500 year floods no I say 1000 year floods of 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!! Burlington and Davenport !!!!!!!!!! The TORNADO that wiped Parkersburg IOWA off the map !!!!!!! The BOYSCOUTS that died in the Tornado in Sioux City !!!!!! I first warned them in that Courthouse in Iowa City when that idiotic judge denied me diplomatic Immunity expressing no fear of our Messiah , Yehoshua , our heavenly Father ISREAL inspite of all the supporting prophetic letters and court documents that had all previously come to pass !!!!!!! Nor was she afraid of Dr Adams special review for the Veterans Administration that stated it appears I have the gift of prophecy !!!!!!! So, I took matters into my own hands and started a web site at www.jamesoldham.com and this blog so that you all can see what warnings and prophecies I have declared for this nation and the world . I have even paid hundreds of dollars at google ads to bring as many people as I could to it since the TV stations,Newspapers, and your elected BUTTHEADS would not pass on my warnings and prophecies to you all. Even going to Courthouses and jail so I could make this all a part of the PUBLIC RECORD with Court Document stamps with dates and all pertinate info . I could have just sent a check with my fines to the Courthouse and been done with it. BUT I DIDN’T !!!!!! I put my butt on the line once again and stretched my neck way out so you all would know that I am concerned for you all and have nothing but love in my heart for all of you. So you all would know that I love our Mother’s children and that this is REAL !!!!! That I am for real, the REAL THING !!!!!!! That I am ISREAL !!!!!!! That if you have seen Yehoshua you have seen me ! That if you have seen me you have seen YEHOSHUA ! That we are ONE and that I wish you all would be ONE with US ! Is it my fault no one would listen to me ? That no one would fear my warnings ? That no one would listen to YEHOSHUA ? Or fear HIM ? He didn’t bring all these disasters upon you because you all deserved to be made homeless and killed !!!!!!! He bought these things upon you cause He loves you all and wishes NONE would be lost !!!!!!! T o wake you all up before its to late ! To bring you to your knees and start to question why these things have come your way ! To wonder why your Messiah is upset with you ! To get you to examine your FAITH or lack of it ! To bring you to your hands and knees at His feet and beg for forgiveness ! To howl and wail for His forgiveness and mercy !!!!!!! So that you all would once again listen to your only true Father,Yehoshua !!!!! So that you would have time to show HIM you truely love HIM with everything you are and be allowed to come back to heaven from which you fell ( CAME ) !!!!!!! 1John 5 : 3 This is the love of Yehoshua,when we KEEP His commandments and they are NOT burdensome !!!!!!!

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