Entry for February 26, 2009


They already have a microchip and some families have already opted to have them implanted ! There are news stories following 911 about this chip and stories of the missing children and how if they had this chip they’d know where they are. The Bilderberg group,the illumanati,and masons consider us their cattle and instead of a tatoo or a tag on our ears ,they will implant microchips on their property throughout the world. How soon until they start culling their herds ? Their stated goal and commandment on the stone wall in Georgia is no more than 500,000,000 people ( Cattle ) on the earth. Do not consider how you value yourself but how they value your worth . So,even if you accept the mark of the beast,do you really think you’ll survive the culling of the herds down to 500,000,000 cattle ( People or souls ) ? They will start to killing SIX BILLION people soon !!!!!!! What do you think all the FEMA and empty concentration camps all across America are for ? The new stimulus bill calls for even more camps to be built on military bases ! For the first time in USA history our military can now participate in domestic affairs ! What rights do you have to stand against their plans ? You can still put up pages,blogs, and websites and speak up !!!!!!! Wake up and speak up while we still can !!!!!!! You bands out there have the microphone in front of you. Don’t choke on it, USE IT !!!! Send donations to Alex Jones and http://dprogram.net !!! Above all,find your true Messiah out of the over 1001 false messiahs out there !!!!!!! Google concentration camps and the stone wall in Georgia and you will be dismayed. How could the land of the free come to this ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

One Response to “Entry for February 26, 2009”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Guide stones in Georgia,go ahead start googleing.

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