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Entry for March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

After my 7th prophetic letter and seeing our heavenly Father,Yehoshua,stretching His mighty arm out again and again and again preforming all that I had written,I had hope for this nation. Surely a revival was right around the corner ! The years rolled by and I began to see that all my efforts were not for this nation but for a remnant of the peoples of the earth. This nation of peoples is very very sick and there is hardly any life left in its people. For some 60 years they have had things so easy.Jobs,homes,beautiful children,and so many bright futures to look forward to. A life of plenty for most and plans for educations and good retirement plans. Everything was so bright and easy,are we having fun yet ? In fact evrything was going along so smoothly people had to fight boredom . The people had no reason to question their wealth,security,or their faith . From where would our Father find truely righteous people that were doing His will ? That would question the dogma and doctrines of churches that came from evil men ? From a bunch of contented ,fat, proud,boastful,and lazy people a revival would rise ? If our Father, Yehoshua, let this all continue as it had been going would anyone be saved at all ? So, our Father sent me to proclaim ahead of time what He was going to do so no one could deny He was doing all this to you and why . To shake up your comfortable existence and to start you all to question why. Why has my house been blown apart ? My neighborhood and city flooded ? Hail beating down my crops and damaging my home and car ? Why was my church flattened by a tornado ? Why have hurricanes ripped my state apart ? Why have I lost children in these storms ? Is our Father mad at us ? Mad at me ? What did we do to incure His wrath ? Is my faith and church not what it should be ? Oh how I wish I could wrap my arms around you all and say that everything is fine ! Oh how I wish I could say you all are such good and upright and righteous people !

Oh heavenly Father, Yehoshua , let each storm coming into the USA be bigger and more powerful than the last . Do to the South what the Civil War couldn’t do . Teach them some humility . Let the rains and hail pound them into submission . Let the tornadoes and straight line winds tear down the works of their hands. Let there be floods that there just aren’t any words to describe other than utter destruction. Let thunder echo in their streets without end. Let such large hail come down that Allstate will cry out .

Yehoshua, Holy One of Isreal, where are the calls for prayer ? For repentence ? For mercy ? No ! Instead they are putting their hopes in the mighty works of their hands,building walls of sand and standing by and patting each other on the backs for works well done ! Show them all oh heavenly Father what it means to build their hopes and dreams based on sand . How their homes, faith, and churches have built their hope and faith on SAND !!! Wash it all away !!!!!!!Show them all that they should have built on ROCK ; Your laws,commandments,precepts,ordinances,and judgements !!!!!!! That they should have honored the Sabbaths and feastdays and observed the new moons ! To the laws and His testimony,if they don’t speak according to this it is because they have no light in them !

Yehoshua (Joshua),they do not hear your voice. They will not listen ! So instead let them hear the sound of roaring waters,hail pounding down on them, the terrible ripping winds,thunder like a war without an end. This will not be enough, so give them the sound of the ground breaking apart under them,their buildings crashing down on their heads. Rip this country up worse then Congress and Obama are doing to it ! Let the world see what is happening to a proud and boastful people that have put their trust in the works of their hands. How they bully the world with their cruise missles,atomic submarines,aircraft carriers stealth fighters,and bombers all works of their hands ! Show the world how a blessed nation has turned its back on their Father and Creator. Show the world that You meant what you said in the 8th chapter of Deuteronomy about destroying such a nation as this, Ephraim and Manasseh . Pour out disease and pestulence on this proud and bostful land .

To those who finally call out to You in true repentence gather them in Your arms and comfort them. Teach them whose voice they should follow and love,then breath on them Your Holy Spirit and they shall become your sons and daughters.

Entry for March 26, 2009

March 25, 2009

Look out Jackson, Mississippi !!!!!!! How many cases of Alzheimers is really mad cow disease ? That answer would suprise many of you.Prions are proteins that are folded differently and need about 2000 degree heat to be destroyed. Burning of diseased cows in Great Britain simply spread prions in the ashes.

Entry for March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009


Just what is , \” YAHOO ONLINE LOTTERY BOARD ? \” On the first page,\” …Vicente: April: AM State Of Florida Lottery The Of Board Cation Revenue Bonds Series . I Am DISMAYED The Relationship Between The Lottery Board And ONLINE DISCUSSION Standards: What WE ALLOW And What We Reallyelijah@ . REALLYELIJAH ???????!!!!!!! I am the ONLY ONE that has that account @ yahoo aint I ? Nothing new , AOL was more rude to me . Why do you suppose Yahoo is trying to bury my blog postings and keeping my web site darn near hidden from searches ? Think maybe my PROPHECIES and court appearences are starting to get to some people ? Oh my ! maybe I\’ll end up on some kinda domestic terrorist list ! I hope my county has enuf room in it to hold all the different groups of people out there who would like to see me bleed ( Like Guns and Roses ? ) !!!!!!!

Entry for March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009

Would it be safe to say that Yahoo doesn’t like my website or blogs ? I do Google searches and my blog or website pops up in the first place on several searches . My website is hosted by Yahoo and my main blog is at 360 . Yet when I type in the same search at Yahoo search nothing comes up after 50 pages goes by. Gee , I’m really glad most people Google nowadays ! Yahoo is worst than the newspapers I sent my letters to. The sad thing is I pay every month to Yahoo for hosting my sites !!! I wish they’d kiss me before they screw me so badly. I would strongly suggest you go somewhere else to post a blog or to get a web site if the content is a little unconventional.

Entry for March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009

What if we had a war and nobody showed up ? Where was everyone ? Them rich bastards (Illuminati,Short robed Jesuits,masons,Bilderberg Group,etc,etc) went to war against US Citizens and was completely unopposed . They sicked their task masters on you all to rape and pillage Americans wealth while everyone sat back with their jaws hanging open . How much equity did you have in your homes 2 years ago ? How fat were your 401 K’s two years ago ?What’s your retirement accounts look like today as compared to two years ago ? Now they’re making US Citizens make up all the money they stole so that you have been raped twice for the same crimes . They have made you all slaves and I can’t hardly hear a whimper from anyone ! Who is responsible for paying back all the loans amounting to trillions of dollars? You , your sons and daughters , and your grandchildren will work that debt off . Your children will be born into slavery . When a corporation files bankruptcy , are the board of directors or stock holders responsible for the corporations losses ? NO !!! So how come when the United States Government Corporation filed bankruptcy in the 1930’s its citizens were held liable for the USA corporations debts ? Under corporate law this is not legal ! Yet, when the USA corporation files bankruptcy again , and soon , well American citizens be responsible for all the loans they’ve made again ? You bet ya . Cause you all have put your faith in those rich bastards that run the world . Better to be slaves and continue to live in your homes and drive your autos , than to be free . Better to make your children all slaves then to make waves and draw attention to yourselves huh ? Where you gonna hide when they start the culling of the herds of people ? Don’t you know that they’ve already started their programs of population reduction ? Look at the poisons they are feeding us all . The poison they put in your water . They are charging us money to poison us all !!! With all the insane laws they are pushing through Congress , where are the protestors ? They say they do all this for our SAFETY !!! Yet , they continue to allow the food industry to poison us with High Fructose Corn Syrup that is laced with mercury !!!!!!! Put a very poisonous flouride in our water !!! Come on GOOGLE these things and wake up !!!!!!! They are slowly killing us and making us sick with type II diabetes , obesity , sterility , docility , and unimagineable horrors . Do you think doctors and the FDA aren’t aware of what HFC’s , flouride , and all the other crap they are feeding us is doing to us all ? Those rich bastards have boldly stated that there is to be no more than 500 million people on the whole earth . Getting rid of some SIX BILLION souls is no easy task !!!!!!! You all that are reading this blog really think you’ll be one of the 500 million ?


Thank Yehoshua , the holy ONE of ISREAL , for setting me free !!!!!!!

This is not my kingdom for HE has taken me out of this world ! This is NOT HIS kingdom either ( John 18 : 36 ) !!!!!!! Was the glory of all the kingdoms of the earth the devils to give if our Messiah would only bow down and worship him ? The earth is the devils only kingdom !!! What do you expect to find in the devils only kingdom ?

RUN !!! RUN !!! RUN !!! RUN !!! Put on sackcloth and beg our Messiah, Yehoshua(Joshua) , for forgiveness . Then pray that you live long enough to prove to HIM that you love HIM with all your heart,body,strength,and soul !!!!!!! By keeping all His wonderful,loving ,perfect , and compassionate LAWS, COMMANDMENTS , PRECEPTS, ORDINANCES , and JUDGEMENTS . Abraham did ( Genesis 26 : 5 ) !!!!!!! Before Moses was I AM !!!!!!! FOREVER ! The heaven and earth will pass away , but MY words will never pass away ( Matthew 5 : 17-22 ) . Luke and Paul told you all a bunch of lies !!! 1 John 2 : 4 ANYONE ( Luke,Paul,Christian,Jew,or Gentile ) says I know HIM and keeps NOT HIS commandments and laws is a LIAR and the truth is NOT in them.

I am shouting in this wilderness… Prepare the way of our Messiah ; Make HIS paths straight !!!

The Christian Churches that swear an oath of the Nicene Creed that declare Paul and all his aPaulSauls holy and true disciples of our Messiah are LIARS ( 1 John 2 : 4 ) !!!!!!! They are teaching our mother’s children the doctrines of men which is blasphemy against our heavenly Father !!!!!!!!!!!!

WAKE UP !!!!!!! Start RUNNING to a holy place in your lives !!!!!!! The time is short !

Entry for March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009

You didn’t stumble here for nothing ! LOOK around ! Click on blog and when tag cloud comes up click on weather ! An entry for December 18 , 2007 will come up . Major prophecies have been written in dec 22,1987 dec 23,1998 and now December 18 ,2007 !!! The tag starts with prophecy and ends with weather !!!!!!! LOOK OUT Iowa City , Johnson County , IOWA !!! I’m giving them fair warning for their weather outlook for 2008 . The FLOODS OF 2008 ! The 500 no I say 1000 year floods to visit Cedar Rapids , Iowa City , Corralville , Burlington, Des Moines , Waterloo and 83 of 97 counties in Iowa declared disaster areas due to the floods !!!!!!! If it says link broke when you click on weather hit back button and try again. Yahoo is up to their games again ! Click on hi lighted posts,look around and read !!!!!!! Go to my web site at . Where else can you find such remarkable prophecies other than in the Bible ?!?! This is real folks !!! Go to . Wake up !!!!!!!

Entry for March 12, 2009

March 11, 2009

Joshua , Holy ONE of ISREAL , How many times will these people test You ? You are that You are magnificent full of love and mercy . Your words are life and liberty . The heaven and the earth will pass away but Your words will never pass away . They are the reason You were crucified and resurrected because they were found to be without spot or blemish , perfect and good . All those who love Your words and live by them are Your lamp posts in all this darkness . By keeping Your words ( Laws , Commandment , and the testimony from Your own mouth as you walked and ate with us ) we fullfill the greatest commandment of all of loving You with all we are . Now listen to your humble friends Shelley and I as we earnestly pray for You to stretch out Your arm as to what has been published on this blog site . I didn’t send letters to newspapers or elected buttheads as I had done so many times before . Letters and court documents that You helped me write through Your Holy Spirit that You breathed on me . How many times have You stretched out Your mighty arm and proved and fullfilled the words I wrote , delivered , and sent ? Yet who knows what mighty works You preformed according to what I wrote ? Who got to see You fullfilling those prophecies ? Who seen those sure signs from heaven ? How many know that you sent Your witnesses to wake up Your children ? Let Your Holy Spirit rain down on us all !!! Let the latter day rains begin . Let there be a revival that well shake the heavens and the earth . Father , fullfill every word that I write on this blog !!!!!!! So that everyone who sees this site can know that You ISREAL !!!!!!! It is time for You , Yehoshua , to take out Your rod and start striking Jerusalem with 70 plagues !!!!!!! When they see the dust and sand blowing away the crops and water in Israel . When the Israelites hear sand blasting against their homes and cars for YEARS and years they will be reminded of this prophecy . When China’s birthrate drops quicker than the stock market and approaches zero they will know that this was proclaimed ahead of time and that You know their sins . When You beat Rome and the Vatican with rods again and again all the martrys that were killed there will rejoice !!!!!!! When the measure of all the martry’s blood is fullfilled the nations will tremble in fear . Now send out a killing flu from Iowa to the world . Start striking with Your rod all the state capitals in the USA and especially Washington D.C. !!!!!!! Strike the west coast of America with eartquakes again and again and again and again and again and again and again . Get the New Madrid fault starting to rumble and let it rumble for months and months until there is nothing left standing all along the Mississippi River and beyond . Father be quick about what I write cause our brothers and sisters yes and our mothers need a head start to run to the mountains ! Your servant and friend grows tired of all the indifference to the court appearences , letters , and words I have spoken to them on Your behalf . Let them see and believe that You have sent me !!!!!!! Let them get mad !!!!!!! Well YOU finally let them murder me ? If we are the two witness of Revelation and no one will give TRUE glory to You until we are murdered then we say what are You waiting for ? Let the Revival begin !!!!!!! All glory to our FATHER !!!!!!! HE deserves it !!!!!!!

Entry for March 10, 2009

March 10, 2009

I ask for Yehoshua to send many plagues upon Washington D.C. so that those politicians you elected can hear thunder echoing in their chambers without end while they are passing laws to enslave you all . Land of the FREE my ass ! I ask and pray for these plagues so you all know that they were proclaimed ahead of time so that everyone can see if Yehoshua well honor these words and show them and you who sent me and that its not a secret mission !!!!!!! Yehoshua , send plagues upon London , Brussels , Paris , Bonn , Berlin ,Moscow , Madrid , and all the seats of power of the rich and countries of this world . I ask that YOU , Holy ONE of Isreal , strike all the state capitals this spring and summer with the worst storms and floods that no one could possibly have imagined without seeing it for themselves . Since this is supposed to be a government of the people for the WE THE PEOPLE and the Fortress of Christianity send out Your army of grasshoppers,cutters,crickets,slugs,borers,aphids,beetles,and all manor of pestilence and plagues upon them all . Let this nation and all the nations of the world see how ungrateful and proud these people are who got such a wonderful blessing from YOU and repaid you by spitting on YOU , plucking Your beard out , whipping You ,and crucifying YOU . How they teach our mother’s children that You gave them terrible laws and commandments that are NOT eternal to be followed forever. They teach that YOU didn’t mean what you said in Matthew 5 : 17-22 ( I did NOT come to do away with the laws or commandments…….NOT till heaven and earth pass away shall one letter or word pass from the laws or commandments…), that YOU must have been lieing , cause instead they teach we are under GRACE not YOUR laws and commandments . They teach Our Mother’s Children not to keep your words but instead to except the doctrines of men such as the aPaulSauls Luke and Paul who plainly put forth the so called Jerusalem Decree in Acts 15 : 23-29 throwing away EIGHT of the TEN COMMANDMENTS and hundreds of laws. ( FIRST ) 1 John 2 : 4 ANYONE ( Luke , Paul , Christian , Jew , or Gentile ) who says I KNOW Yehoshua ( Joshua ) and keeps NOT His commandments is a LIAR and the truth is NOT in them . Just as the people have allowed these blasphemies to be taught in their churches to our Mother’s Children they have allowed their politicians to replace truth for lies . As for those stiff necked,iron hearted JEWS in Israel bind up the heavens and make their skies like iron and their land not covered by blowing sand like brass . You and your stinking Kabala,pharisees,and Yehoshua haters . I could go on and on but your nations sins knows no bounds. As for Peking and China the murderrers of billions of your Mother’s Children sacrificed to Molech and the sacred owl all the plagues known to man on you all and plagues as yet unheard of upon you all . A curse of infertility on your whole nation until any birth in China well become a blessed event . Let all know that since 1977 I have been preaching against Luke and Paul and that that is the main reason our Father has sent me ,to make straight the path that Constatine , Luke , Paul , and the evil one tried to make crooked ( Daniel 7 : 25 time through the Julian Calendar and the law by sending Luke and Paul to preach a different Gospel than the disciples ( Exodus 12 : 48-49 ( ONE LAW,one gospel !!!)). Every prophetic letter,every blessing,and every plague that You Yehoshua fullfilled according to what I wrote in those letters was confirmation of what You sent me to preach about those LIARS Luke and Paul who wrote 3/4 of the New Testament . A man that never seen You was granted Gospel authority !!!!!!! In the beginning of his gospel he admits it !!!!!! Then he writes his sequel Acts and introduces his patient and boss Paul and he takes over all Christianity in the churches from there !!!!!! No wonder the illuminati and bidenbergs had such an easy time of it in this world ! You all have been embracing lies for thousands of years already !!!!!!! The Pope ( Jesuits ) illuminati , and Ceasar are the ones who sent or fabricated Luke and Paul to begin with . Lies and LIARS are all children of the devil and have nothing to do with Yehoshua ! Separate yourselves from such vermin that dress like lambs but speak with cloven tongues of flame !!!!!!! You think Yehoshua would send me without preparing a way for me ahead of time and preforming miracle after miracle after miracle according to the words I wrote, sent,and delivered to fight against those great,pompous,and blasphemous words Luke and Paul wrote ?!?! Even when Yehoshua fullfills these words again and again and again , it won’t stop the New World Order from being born ! Then comes the mark of the beast and the culling ( CULL ) of the herd ( People )!!!!!!! To all of you out there that are doing the will of our Father and keeping all His words pick up your crosses and follow Yehoshua . You are not of this world and so very soon you well be in the New Jerusalem and the New Earth that comes from heaven !!!!!!! This earth, the devils only kingdom ,will pass away and all the man made things in it when it becomes a star from cHErnobyLL and becomes that lake of fire and brimestone Yehoshua warned you about!

Entry for March 09, 2009

March 9, 2009

Yehoshua ( Joshua ), Holy ONE of IsReal , The Messiah, In 2009 when you send Your whirlwinds and storms to Washington D.C. , let those that say they represent the people and don’t , hear hailstones pounding on their roofs and autos , thunder echoing in their streets without end for hours and hours and hours. Let every tropical system that comes near the east coast pay them a visit. Let tornadoes make a path of destruction through D.C. again and again. Wash them out good heavenly Father. Let those who say they represent , WE THE PEOPLE , and those they supposedly represent , know that you are angry at their hardness of hearts, their stiff necks and knees . In fact, bring them to their knees and maybe they will shout to You for forgiveness ! Put all manner of plagues upon them . Stretch out Your mighty arm against them again and again and again , and when they think they,ve finally seen the worst bring upon them even more severe plagues. They represent their own glory and the handouts from those rich bastards that have been running things behind the scenes for years. Let there secret reign be known to all , and that what they worship is an abomination .

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