Entry for March 10, 2009


I ask for Yehoshua to send many plagues upon Washington D.C. so that those politicians you elected can hear thunder echoing in their chambers without end while they are passing laws to enslave you all . Land of the FREE my ass ! I ask and pray for these plagues so you all know that they were proclaimed ahead of time so that everyone can see if Yehoshua well honor these words and show them and you who sent me and that its not a secret mission !!!!!!! Yehoshua , send plagues upon London , Brussels , Paris , Bonn , Berlin ,Moscow , Madrid , and all the seats of power of the rich and countries of this world . I ask that YOU , Holy ONE of Isreal , strike all the state capitals this spring and summer with the worst storms and floods that no one could possibly have imagined without seeing it for themselves . Since this is supposed to be a government of the people for the WE THE PEOPLE and the Fortress of Christianity send out Your army of grasshoppers,cutters,crickets,slugs,borers,aphids,beetles,and all manor of pestilence and plagues upon them all . Let this nation and all the nations of the world see how ungrateful and proud these people are who got such a wonderful blessing from YOU and repaid you by spitting on YOU , plucking Your beard out , whipping You ,and crucifying YOU . How they teach our mother’s children that You gave them terrible laws and commandments that are NOT eternal to be followed forever. They teach that YOU didn’t mean what you said in Matthew 5 : 17-22 ( I did NOT come to do away with the laws or commandments…….NOT till heaven and earth pass away shall one letter or word pass from the laws or commandments…), that YOU must have been lieing , cause instead they teach we are under GRACE not YOUR laws and commandments . They teach Our Mother’s Children not to keep your words but instead to except the doctrines of men such as the aPaulSauls Luke and Paul who plainly put forth the so called Jerusalem Decree in Acts 15 : 23-29 throwing away EIGHT of the TEN COMMANDMENTS and hundreds of laws. ( FIRST ) 1 John 2 : 4 ANYONE ( Luke , Paul , Christian , Jew , or Gentile ) who says I KNOW Yehoshua ( Joshua ) and keeps NOT His commandments is a LIAR and the truth is NOT in them . Just as the people have allowed these blasphemies to be taught in their churches to our Mother’s Children they have allowed their politicians to replace truth for lies . As for those stiff necked,iron hearted JEWS in Israel bind up the heavens and make their skies like iron and their land not covered by blowing sand like brass . You and your stinking Kabala,pharisees,and Yehoshua haters . I could go on and on but your nations sins knows no bounds. As for Peking and China the murderrers of billions of your Mother’s Children sacrificed to Molech and the sacred owl all the plagues known to man on you all and plagues as yet unheard of upon you all . A curse of infertility on your whole nation until any birth in China well become a blessed event . Let all know that since 1977 I have been preaching against Luke and Paul and that that is the main reason our Father has sent me ,to make straight the path that Constatine , Luke , Paul , and the evil one tried to make crooked ( Daniel 7 : 25 time through the Julian Calendar and the law by sending Luke and Paul to preach a different Gospel than the disciples ( Exodus 12 : 48-49 ( ONE LAW,one gospel !!!)). Every prophetic letter,every blessing,and every plague that You Yehoshua fullfilled according to what I wrote in those letters was confirmation of what You sent me to preach about those LIARS Luke and Paul who wrote 3/4 of the New Testament . A man that never seen You was granted Gospel authority !!!!!!! In the beginning of his gospel he admits it !!!!!! Then he writes his sequel Acts and introduces his patient and boss Paul and he takes over all Christianity in the churches from there !!!!!! No wonder the illuminati and bidenbergs had such an easy time of it in this world ! You all have been embracing lies for thousands of years already !!!!!!! The Pope ( Jesuits ) illuminati , and Ceasar are the ones who sent or fabricated Luke and Paul to begin with . Lies and LIARS are all children of the devil and have nothing to do with Yehoshua ! Separate yourselves from such vermin that dress like lambs but speak with cloven tongues of flame !!!!!!! You think Yehoshua would send me without preparing a way for me ahead of time and preforming miracle after miracle after miracle according to the words I wrote, sent,and delivered to fight against those great,pompous,and blasphemous words Luke and Paul wrote ?!?! Even when Yehoshua fullfills these words again and again and again , it won’t stop the New World Order from being born ! Then comes the mark of the beast and the culling ( CULL ) of the herd ( People )!!!!!!! To all of you out there that are doing the will of our Father and keeping all His words pick up your crosses and follow Yehoshua . You are not of this world and so very soon you well be in the New Jerusalem and the New Earth that comes from heaven !!!!!!! This earth, the devils only kingdom ,will pass away and all the man made things in it when it becomes a star from cHErnobyLL and becomes that lake of fire and brimestone Yehoshua warned you about!

One Response to “Entry for March 10, 2009”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Manilla the seat of power for the Phillapines. Port Au Prince the Capital of Haiti , and seats of power around the world well be struck. Why ? Because this is where governments screw over its citizxens and makes serfs and slaves of its people.Where most all well hand over their Sovernty to the NWO and allow and set up the worshipping of the beast.

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