Entry for March 12, 2009


Joshua , Holy ONE of ISREAL , How many times will these people test You ? You are that You are magnificent full of love and mercy . Your words are life and liberty . The heaven and the earth will pass away but Your words will never pass away . They are the reason You were crucified and resurrected because they were found to be without spot or blemish , perfect and good . All those who love Your words and live by them are Your lamp posts in all this darkness . By keeping Your words ( Laws , Commandment , and the testimony from Your own mouth as you walked and ate with us ) we fullfill the greatest commandment of all of loving You with all we are . Now listen to your humble friends Shelley and I as we earnestly pray for You to stretch out Your arm as to what has been published on this blog site . I didn’t send letters to newspapers or elected buttheads as I had done so many times before . Letters and court documents that You helped me write through Your Holy Spirit that You breathed on me . How many times have You stretched out Your mighty arm and proved and fullfilled the words I wrote , delivered , and sent ? Yet who knows what mighty works You preformed according to what I wrote ? Who got to see You fullfilling those prophecies ? Who seen those sure signs from heaven ? How many know that you sent Your witnesses to wake up Your children ? Let Your Holy Spirit rain down on us all !!! Let the latter day rains begin . Let there be a revival that well shake the heavens and the earth . Father , fullfill every word that I write on this blog !!!!!!! So that everyone who sees this site can know that You ISREAL !!!!!!! It is time for You , Yehoshua , to take out Your rod and start striking Jerusalem with 70 plagues !!!!!!! When they see the dust and sand blowing away the crops and water in Israel . When the Israelites hear sand blasting against their homes and cars for YEARS and years they will be reminded of this prophecy . When China’s birthrate drops quicker than the stock market and approaches zero they will know that this was proclaimed ahead of time and that You know their sins . When You beat Rome and the Vatican with rods again and again all the martrys that were killed there will rejoice !!!!!!! When the measure of all the martry’s blood is fullfilled the nations will tremble in fear . Now send out a killing flu from Iowa to the world . Start striking with Your rod all the state capitals in the USA and especially Washington D.C. !!!!!!! Strike the west coast of America with eartquakes again and again and again and again and again and again and again . Get the New Madrid fault starting to rumble and let it rumble for months and months until there is nothing left standing all along the Mississippi River and beyond . Father be quick about what I write cause our brothers and sisters yes and our mothers need a head start to run to the mountains ! Your servant and friend grows tired of all the indifference to the court appearences , letters , and words I have spoken to them on Your behalf . Let them see and believe that You have sent me !!!!!!! Let them get mad !!!!!!! Well YOU finally let them murder me ? If we are the two witness of Revelation and no one will give TRUE glory to You until we are murdered then we say what are You waiting for ? Let the Revival begin !!!!!!! All glory to our FATHER !!!!!!! HE deserves it !!!!!!!

One Response to “Entry for March 12, 2009”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Oh my , eartquakes all around and growing stronger ! Oklahoma City earthquake,Haiti quakes, California dreaming interrupted by grounding breaking and tearing apart !!!!!!!! . 3

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