Entry for March 12, 2009


You didn’t stumble here for nothing ! LOOK around ! Click on blog and when tag cloud comes up click on weather ! An entry for December 18 , 2007 will come up . Major prophecies have been written in dec 22,1987 dec 23,1998 and now December 18 ,2007 !!! The tag starts with prophecy and ends with weather !!!!!!! LOOK OUT Iowa City , Johnson County , IOWA !!! I’m giving them fair warning for their weather outlook for 2008 . The FLOODS OF 2008 ! The 500 no I say 1000 year floods to visit Cedar Rapids , Iowa City , Corralville , Burlington, Des Moines , Waterloo and 83 of 97 counties in Iowa declared disaster areas due to the floods !!!!!!! If it says link broke when you click on weather hit back button and try again. Yahoo is up to their games again ! Click on hi lighted posts,look around and read !!!!!!! Go to my web site at www.JamesOldham.com . Where else can you find such remarkable prophecies other than in the Bible ?!?! This is real folks !!! Go to http://360.yahoo.com/reallyelijah . Wake up !!!!!!!

One Response to “Entry for March 12, 2009”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    This blog started at Yahoo 360 so tag cloud and my tags didn’t come with my blog when I transfered it here. Dates are still posted though.

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