Entry for March 16, 2009


What if we had a war and nobody showed up ? Where was everyone ? Them rich bastards (Illuminati,Short robed Jesuits,masons,Bilderberg Group,etc,etc) went to war against US Citizens and was completely unopposed . They sicked their task masters on you all to rape and pillage Americans wealth while everyone sat back with their jaws hanging open . How much equity did you have in your homes 2 years ago ? How fat were your 401 K’s two years ago ?What’s your retirement accounts look like today as compared to two years ago ? Now they’re making US Citizens make up all the money they stole so that you have been raped twice for the same crimes . They have made you all slaves and I can’t hardly hear a whimper from anyone ! Who is responsible for paying back all the loans amounting to trillions of dollars? You , your sons and daughters , and your grandchildren will work that debt off . Your children will be born into slavery . When a corporation files bankruptcy , are the board of directors or stock holders responsible for the corporations losses ? NO !!! So how come when the United States Government Corporation filed bankruptcy in the 1930’s its citizens were held liable for the USA corporations debts ? Under corporate law this is not legal ! Yet, when the USA corporation files bankruptcy again , and soon , well American citizens be responsible for all the loans they’ve made again ? You bet ya . Cause you all have put your faith in those rich bastards that run the world . Better to be slaves and continue to live in your homes and drive your autos , than to be free . Better to make your children all slaves then to make waves and draw attention to yourselves huh ? Where you gonna hide when they start the culling of the herds of people ? Don’t you know that they’ve already started their programs of population reduction ? Look at the poisons they are feeding us all . The poison they put in your water . They are charging us money to poison us all !!! With all the insane laws they are pushing through Congress , where are the protestors ? They say they do all this for our SAFETY !!! Yet , they continue to allow the food industry to poison us with High Fructose Corn Syrup that is laced with mercury !!!!!!! Put a very poisonous flouride in our water !!! Come on GOOGLE these things and wake up !!!!!!! They are slowly killing us and making us sick with type II diabetes , obesity , sterility , docility , and unimagineable horrors . Do you think doctors and the FDA aren’t aware of what HFC’s , flouride , and all the other crap they are feeding us is doing to us all ? Those rich bastards have boldly stated that there is to be no more than 500 million people on the whole earth . Getting rid of some SIX BILLION souls is no easy task !!!!!!! You all that are reading this blog really think you’ll be one of the 500 million ?


Thank Yehoshua , the holy ONE of ISREAL , for setting me free !!!!!!!

This is not my kingdom for HE has taken me out of this world ! This is NOT HIS kingdom either ( John 18 : 36 ) !!!!!!! Was the glory of all the kingdoms of the earth the devils to give if our Messiah would only bow down and worship him ? The earth is the devils only kingdom !!! What do you expect to find in the devils only kingdom ?

RUN !!! RUN !!! RUN !!! RUN !!! Put on sackcloth and beg our Messiah, Yehoshua(Joshua) , for forgiveness . Then pray that you live long enough to prove to HIM that you love HIM with all your heart,body,strength,and soul !!!!!!! By keeping all His wonderful,loving ,perfect , and compassionate LAWS, COMMANDMENTS , PRECEPTS, ORDINANCES , and JUDGEMENTS . Abraham did ( Genesis 26 : 5 ) !!!!!!! Before Moses was I AM !!!!!!! FOREVER ! The heaven and earth will pass away , but MY words will never pass away ( Matthew 5 : 17-22 ) . Luke and Paul told you all a bunch of lies !!! 1 John 2 : 4 ANYONE ( Luke,Paul,Christian,Jew,or Gentile ) says I know HIM and keeps NOT HIS commandments and laws is a LIAR and the truth is NOT in them.

I am shouting in this wilderness… Prepare the way of our Messiah ; Make HIS paths straight !!!

The Christian Churches that swear an oath of the Nicene Creed that declare Paul and all his aPaulSauls holy and true disciples of our Messiah are LIARS ( 1 John 2 : 4 ) !!!!!!! They are teaching our mother’s children the doctrines of men which is blasphemy against our heavenly Father !!!!!!!!!!!!

WAKE UP !!!!!!! Start RUNNING to a holy place in your lives !!!!!!! The time is short !

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