Entry for March 20, 2009



Just what is , \” YAHOO ONLINE LOTTERY BOARD ? \” On the first page,\” …Vicente: April: AM State Of Florida Lottery The Of Board Cation Revenue Bonds Series . I Am DISMAYED The Relationship Between The Lottery Board And ONLINE DISCUSSION Standards: What WE ALLOW And What We Reallyelijah@ . REALLYELIJAH ???????!!!!!!! I am the ONLY ONE that has that account @ yahoo aint I ? Nothing new , AOL was more rude to me . Why do you suppose Yahoo is trying to bury my blog postings and keeping my web site darn near hidden from searches ? Think maybe my PROPHECIES and court appearences are starting to get to some people ? Oh my ! maybe I\’ll end up on some kinda domestic terrorist list ! I hope my county has enuf room in it to hold all the different groups of people out there who would like to see me bleed ( Like Guns and Roses ? ) !!!!!!!

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