Entry for March 31, 2009


After my 7th prophetic letter and seeing our heavenly Father,Yehoshua,stretching His mighty arm out again and again and again preforming all that I had written,I had hope for this nation. Surely a revival was right around the corner ! The years rolled by and I began to see that all my efforts were not for this nation but for a remnant of the peoples of the earth. This nation of peoples is very very sick and there is hardly any life left in its people. For some 60 years they have had things so easy.Jobs,homes,beautiful children,and so many bright futures to look forward to. A life of plenty for most and plans for educations and good retirement plans. Everything was so bright and easy,are we having fun yet ? In fact evrything was going along so smoothly people had to fight boredom . The people had no reason to question their wealth,security,or their faith . From where would our Father find truely righteous people that were doing His will ? That would question the dogma and doctrines of churches that came from evil men ? From a bunch of contented ,fat, proud,boastful,and lazy people a revival would rise ? If our Father, Yehoshua, let this all continue as it had been going would anyone be saved at all ? So, our Father sent me to proclaim ahead of time what He was going to do so no one could deny He was doing all this to you and why . To shake up your comfortable existence and to start you all to question why. Why has my house been blown apart ? My neighborhood and city flooded ? Hail beating down my crops and damaging my home and car ? Why was my church flattened by a tornado ? Why have hurricanes ripped my state apart ? Why have I lost children in these storms ? Is our Father mad at us ? Mad at me ? What did we do to incure His wrath ? Is my faith and church not what it should be ? Oh how I wish I could wrap my arms around you all and say that everything is fine ! Oh how I wish I could say you all are such good and upright and righteous people !

Oh heavenly Father, Yehoshua , let each storm coming into the USA be bigger and more powerful than the last . Do to the South what the Civil War couldn’t do . Teach them some humility . Let the rains and hail pound them into submission . Let the tornadoes and straight line winds tear down the works of their hands. Let there be floods that there just aren’t any words to describe other than utter destruction. Let thunder echo in their streets without end. Let such large hail come down that Allstate will cry out .

Yehoshua, Holy One of Isreal, where are the calls for prayer ? For repentence ? For mercy ? No ! Instead they are putting their hopes in the mighty works of their hands,building walls of sand and standing by and patting each other on the backs for works well done ! Show them all oh heavenly Father what it means to build their hopes and dreams based on sand . How their homes, faith, and churches have built their hope and faith on SAND !!! Wash it all away !!!!!!!Show them all that they should have built on ROCK ; Your laws,commandments,precepts,ordinances,and judgements !!!!!!! That they should have honored the Sabbaths and feastdays and observed the new moons ! To the laws and His testimony,if they don’t speak according to this it is because they have no light in them !

Yehoshua (Joshua),they do not hear your voice. They will not listen ! So instead let them hear the sound of roaring waters,hail pounding down on them, the terrible ripping winds,thunder like a war without an end. This will not be enough, so give them the sound of the ground breaking apart under them,their buildings crashing down on their heads. Rip this country up worse then Congress and Obama are doing to it ! Let the world see what is happening to a proud and boastful people that have put their trust in the works of their hands. How they bully the world with their cruise missles,atomic submarines,aircraft carriers stealth fighters,and bombers all works of their hands ! Show the world how a blessed nation has turned its back on their Father and Creator. Show the world that You meant what you said in the 8th chapter of Deuteronomy about destroying such a nation as this, Ephraim and Manasseh . Pour out disease and pestulence on this proud and bostful land .

To those who finally call out to You in true repentence gather them in Your arms and comfort them. Teach them whose voice they should follow and love,then breath on them Your Holy Spirit and they shall become your sons and daughters.

One Response to “Entry for March 31, 2009”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Leviticus chater 26 and our Messiah , the LAMB walking in a FURY against them…….give them the sound of the ground breaking apart under them and their buildings falling on their heads.

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