Entry for April 9, 2009


I know that my religious views aren’t exactly mainstream USA , but with all the opinions out there what’s one more ? Why would Yahoo 360 show my post of April 2 nd ,2009  for a day and then take it off ? That’s the first time in 2 years that this has happened . Is Yahoo now censoring my entries ? Would you all out there posting your own blogs feel comfortable with Yahoo JUDGING whether or not your religious viewpoints or ideas are acceptable or not ? I can find plenty of sites that ridicule our Messiah and say all manner of bad things about Him , but, don’t ever try to say something bad about the aPaulSaul Paul or Luke !!!!!!! Don’t ever question Paul’s authority ! Heaven forbid ! Question our Messiahs worthiness all you want . Here is my post for April 2 , 2009 just keep in mind that it won’t mean as much after the fact of all that flooding rain :

Dear Governor Crist,

How does that song go again by Our Lady Of Peace , Clumsy ?  Oh yeah !   I’ll be watchin ya drown , wavin my hand , watchin ya scream quiet or loud. And ya really need a FRIEND ………… and Jim Oldham …and Jim Oldham, and Jim Oldham , and Jim Oldham , and Jim Oldham , and Jim Oldham .

Was Yahoo trying to protect me from the Governor ? Myself ? The people in Florida’s panhandle ? The government ? Or themselves ? Whatever happened to religious freedom in America ? Freedom of speech ?

Or was Yahoo trying to keep me from getting lucky again ? To deny the glory of our heavenly Father’s mighty outstretched arm ? To keep from the people another sure sign from heaven ? Yahoo, don’t you deny my freedom of speech . If the government wants to shut me down make them do it , not you .

I had to post this from my website so I can’t include a poll , but do you all feel it is right of Yahoo to hide or delete my postings ?

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