Entry for April 20, 2009


When I first started writting letters and going to court for speeding tickets,my letters were addressed to your elected buttheads. I also sent these same letters to newspapers , radio stations , and friends . I was imploring this nation of We The People to start protesting and to stop the bureaucrats from circumventing the laws and taking away our freedoms . I was trying to stop the feds from eroding states rights and getting involved with every little aspect of our lives . My call to action on We The People started in 1985 !!! 24 years later I am seeing Tea Parties being held around this nation . People , the government has spent those 24 years consolidating their power and preparing and planning to put down any uprisings or opposition to their plans . They are now prepared to mow you all down with apache helicopters ,abrams tanks, a10’s , and so many U S Marshalls and undercover police you’d think we were plagued by locusts. Most of you laughed at me and the alarm I was sounding back then ! Who’s laughing now ? You are now trying to close the barn door after all the horses have already left ! I hear talk of a revolution and civil war in this country . How I wish This talk started in the late 80’s and early 90’s . The government now controls almost all the food and water . Your banks and jobs !!!!!!! They are listening to all your plans . They have their secret agents in all your organisations and meetings . They will round up all the leaders and put them in isolation and scatter your followers like chaf in a wind storm . They will mow you down like dead forest in a raging wind storm . They are looking for any excuse to start their attacks on you all. Give up !!!!!!! Look not to saving what you think is your kingdom,but,look to the kingdom to come . Prepare yourselves for Yehoshua’s judgement !!! Save our Mother’s children’s souls !!!!!!! Start a revival unto our Creator and Redeemer not a war or revolution . Question your churches doctrines and the doctrines of men . Look to the true words of our Father !!! Question your faith and how you keep the greatest of all commandments , to love Yehoshua with all you got ! Even as a fig tree turns green we know that summer is approaching , so shall we KNOW the end is near ! Yeah , its at the door knocking ! Open the door !!! Let your Father and Creator in !!!!!!!

I am a HERETIC !!!!!!! I am against all the churches DOCTRINES that are putting the ideas and doctrines of men ( Such as Luke and Paul ) above the true word of Yehoshua !!!!!!! You must keep all of His words,laws,and commandments ,not just the ones you want to ! The new covenant is just like the old covenant !!! The only thing that has changed is you must keep the testimony of Yehoshua and His true disciples along with all that He gave Moses . Genesis 26:5 For Abraham obeyed the voice of Yehoshua and kept His charge; His laws,commandments,precepts,ordinances,and judgements !!!!!!! Before Abraham was I AM !!!!!!! The laws and commandments were in force before Moses went up on Mt Zion !!!!!! What do you think our Father was talking to Adam and Eve about ? What do you think Noah was preaching to all those that went to see a boat being built on a mountainside !!!!!!! The heaven and earth will pass away but MY words will never pass away !!!!!!! Matthew 5 : 17-22 … don’t think He came to make Luke and Paul correct !!! He didn’t !!! He came to show you how many people would rather keep the doctrines of men and churches than the true words of our Messiah ! Their is a war that must be fought ! It is the GOOD FIGHT . The fight for turning the children’s hearts to their heavenly Father , so that they would live in paradise forever with their Father and Creator .

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