Entry for April 26, 2009


Citizens of Iowa,

Check out my post of June 29,2008 about SWINE FLU !!! This is very very very serious stuff  posted on this blog!!!

Do you all know how seriously smashed and ruined your whole state is going to become ? You all aint learned nothing yet from all that Yehoshua has already sent your way ? A prophet came to your state and in a courthouse in Iowa City demanded Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador of your Messiah and heavenly Father ! The tornadoes that ripped through Iowa City ,hail,and floods of 2008 are a direct result of your courts denying me diplomatic Immunity . Then in spite of  12 states (Including California and Florida) , the only ones offered a chance to vote on same sex marriages, the will and vote of the majority determined that marriage is to be only between a man and a woman . Your judges in Iowa determined that Americans aren’t smart enough to vote on this issue. That the will and vote of the majority means nothing !!! Those judges (BUTTHEADS and haters of our heavenly Father and His laws and commandments) said the hell with the rule of law. The hell with democracy. The hell with the voice of We The People , and ruled that same sex marriages are legal in Iowa !!!!!!! Did they also rule that you all are to DUMB to vote on this issue ? That court decisions are more binding than the will and vote of the majority in Iowa ? Did they slap you all in the face andf imply that IOWANS ARE TO DUMB TO VOTE !!!!!!! If you let those judge’s decision stand then all I can do is pray for even more plagues upon you all. That the swine flu outbreak be worse in Iowa than anywhere else in the world. Do you all even care that our Father said that pigs are an unclean animal and that you should not eat such an abomination? Let Yehoshua pass out huge rods to His angels and tell them to smash Iowa to potsherds again and again and again . Yehoshua our true Father take up the biggest rod and smash Iowa until they put on sackcloth and scream to You for mercy !!!!!!! If they don’t , make an example of Iowa to the rest of this nation and the world what it means to anger and not listen to the JUDGE of all judges,the BOSS of all bosses,your CREATOR. Woe  WOe WOE unto Iowa for our Father is a Jealous Father,our Messiah is a jealous Messiah and you all are serving false messiahs and false deities.

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