Entry for April 29, 2009


My first prophetic letter was To President Reagan dated April 13 , 1985 . It gave the USA and the worlds lead story and headlines about a year later when Gorbechav and Reagan shook hands and called each other friends just as I had wrote a year earlier when Reagan was calling the USSR an EVIL EMPIRE after it shot down a passenger airliner.

My second letter to him gave the lead stories over a year later about the Iran Contra affair and his Supreme Court nominees screw-ups . It also had prophecies of future wars with the Moslems.

My letter To The People of HOMES dated 12/22/87 put the drought of 88 on the Great Lakes region( H uron , O ntario , M ichigan , E rie , S uperior (First letter of each great lake spells HOMES ). On the margin of first and last page I wrote , ” I have prayed and prayed and I assure you the drought is over in the South except for Georgia ! Look at the Newspaper in Clarksville TN around Christmas time in 1987 . Within 3 or 4 days of mailing those letters and giving copies to Shannon a DJ at WKDF in Nashville the drought was declared over in the South except for Georgia !!!!!!! 1987 was the dryest year in TN recorded history at that time and in the last week of that driest year the drought was declared over !!!!!!!

When nobody said a word about all this I wrote a letter to Senator Sasser about 2 years later giving lead stories and headlines for years to come about the floods the likes of which we have never seen,tornadoes,and hail !!!!!!! Frightening and chilling words in that letter !

In my letters to President Bush(Elder) I gave the headlines and lead stories a little over a year later when the Berlin wall came down . I wrote, ” Russia is on the meat hook ready to be carved up ! ” I also said that if he doesn’t listen to me Yehoshua would put someone else in his place ( Clinton).

My second letter to him was about our Father’s effect on the GNP and how He was replacing His blessing with a curse upon this nation !

Then in Melbourne’s Courthouse in an Affidavit date stamped Dec 23 , 1998 I put the hurricanes on Pat Robertson and Virginia Beach in 1999 . Three of them and Dennis went out to sea after plaguing them for days, turned around and got them again, that’s 4 if you count Dennis twice !!!!!!! Look at www.JamesOldham.com for that court document and letter to Pat.

Then I made my appearence in that Iowa City Courthouse in Iowa and declared Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador of Yehoshua our Messiah . Then in motion to dismiss I wrote, ” All I can do is pray for many plagues upon you all .” Read in my letter to Governor Vilsack about the fate of his constituents is in his hands and this could become his worst nightmare ! I also wrote to Senator Grassley and said much the same ! Iowa’s corn crop failure of 2003 was just the start of their plagues !

In this blog on Dec 18 , 2007 I warn Iowa City,Johnson County,and Iowa !!!!!!! The tags start with prophecy and end with weather ! My next post is while the floods of 2008 ( 500 year flood event) which had 83 of 97 counties in Iowa declared disaster areas due to the floods. Remember Cedar Rapids,Corralville,Iowa City,Burlington,etc etc ?

On this blog I said to Governor Crist of Florida that Tropical Storm Fay was going to swing around up to him and sit and spin just to the south of the state capital !!! It did all the next day !!!!!!! Then I wrote him nay nay nay nay nay I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud …. and Jim Oldham and Jim Oldham and Jim Oldham, Our Lady Of Peace , their song Clumsy.

On June 29 2008 I put the swine flu on you all ! Use the calendar and click to the left of the current month to go back to June then click on 29 !!!!!!!

There are so many more plagues that have been put on you all by me and my wife. So many more headlines I haven’t covered here. I just wanted you to see the trend and where its going . My wife and I can’t squeeze the clouds, we can only proclaim things ahead of time so that Yehoshua can either do them or not and so far He is doing them all !!!!!!! Is He inspiring us what to write and then He does them or are we those 2 witnesses in Revelations that can put as many plagues as we want on this earth as often as we will ? Or is it just that whenever any 2 people can agree on anything on this earth He will cause it to happen ?

I can only say that I’m tired of all your hardness of hearts , your stiff necks and knees . I’ve been at this since 1977 when I first went to war against the U.S. Army when I filed as a conscientious objector. 32 years of war !!!!!!! 25 years of writting prophetic letters !!!!!!!Yet, has anyone said one word about all this other than in the songs of the drunkards , and even then you’d have to be aware of my war and letters to make any sense of the songs. This is all like Rome trying to keep our Messiah , Yehoshua , buried !!!!!!!

Like I said in that court document in Melbourne , Florida… Show them all who sent me FATHER and that it is not a secret mission !!!!!!!! Whats my mission ? To restore the laws,commandments,Sabbaths,Feast days,Ordinances,Statutes,and Judgements of our heavenly FATHER , Yehoshua to the Christian Churches !!!!!!! For Christians to keep the testimony of our Messiah, Yehoshua !!!!!!! As Isaiah said, To the law and to the testimony;if they don’t come speaking this its because there is no light in them . And Revelations 14 : 12 This is the patience of the saints all those who keep the laws and commandments of our Father and the testimony of our Messiah , the Holy One of Isreal , Yehoshua(Joshua) !!!!!!!

What will the trend of my blogs be if all our efforts to wake up our brotherts and sisters is continued to be met with silence ? I’ll tell you , so shockingly frightening that I will be crying everytime I click on post this entry ! I write all this from the great love our Father has taught and shown me over the years . That if anyone is to be saved or redemned at all He has to do such great works and kill many of you so that you will listen to Him once again . Fear His judgements on our souls enough to turn around and throw away the false gospel of Luke. To put aside the doctrines of men(aPaulSaul Paul who use to be Saul and others) and churches and start doing His will and keeping all His words.

Yehoshua will probably give you some time to see how the swine flu treats you all and how many people it will kill and see if you all will start to talk about my blogs and letters before He starts the New Madrid earthquake,but,from past experience I’d bet that no one will say anything at all . Maybe not even after the quake devastates the midwest, and I will have to get really serious about what plagues I bring to you all .

If I put all the prophecies that have come to apss in this entry it would be a short book.I only went over the major ones. Please wake up !

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