Entry for April 29, 2009


I prophecied the SWINE FLU outbreak on June 29 , 2008 !!!!!!! Go to the calendar on this page and click to the left of current month until June of 2008 comes up,then click on 29 .I also have an entry that says flu season is starting I hope you pick the right Messiah out of the 1001 false messiahs out there ! On the front page I also have a comment ,Swine flu will begin in Iowa posted 6 months ago ! I wrote that blog about Swine Flu on June 29, 2008 and left it on my computer until my wife woke up . Its the only time I asked her if I should post this entry. She read it ,asked me if it was going to kill a bunch of people,I told her about the outbreak in 1918 that killed 40 to 50 million,She thought about it and clicked post entry !!!!!!!

Now,is this simply any 2 righteous people agreeing on any one thing on this earth and our Father making it so ? Or is this Him inspiring me to write it and then Yehoshua fullfilling it ? Or are we the two witnesses that can bring as many plagues upon the earth as often as we want ? Or am I just a prophet and the 2 witnesses will come later?

If you go to www.JamesOldham.com you will see the trend of my letters and blogs . I can only say this. If I must continue to write and hear only silence about my letters , blogs , and court appearence where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador of Yehoshua(Joshua) then I will be crying everytime I click,post this entry to prophecy or bring about another plague upon you all !!!!!!!

Leave me some comments on what it would take to get you alls attention . An eartquake that destroys just one city ? I have been at war for 32 years. Been writting prophetic letters for 24 years that have all come to pass and I’m really getting tired of all this indifference,hard hearts,stiff necks, and stiff knees.

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