Entry for May 02, 2009


Swine flu or h1n1 prophecy was posted on this blog on June 29 , 2008 without any tags . When they tried to change the name of swine flu I went back and added tags to include h1n1 and swine flu. You can now click on h1n1 in tag cloud to go there. You can also click on insanity on tag cloud to go to December 18 , 2007 warning to Iowa City, Johnson County , and Iowa warning them of floods of 2008 to come their way . The tags start with prophecy and end with weather or the other way around !!!!!!! You should go to www.JamesOldham.com to read about Motion To Dismiss and letter to Governor Vilsack on FL intro. Read how I went to Court in Iowa City and demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a prophet and Ambassador of our Messiah Yehoshua ( Joshua ) . You should ask yourself why the newspapers and your elected buttheads aren’t saying anything about all this ! What new plague must I send to you all before Yehoshua gets His 15 minutes of fame ?!?!

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