Entry for May 13, 2009


What does this government expect from me ? What do We The People expect ? For me to quietly recede into obscurity ? To fade away ? Sorry to disappoint you all . Oh listen to me The Holy One , Isreal . I will show up in a courthouse in Melbourne Florida soon . I will once again demand diplomatic immunity and give You , Joshua , a chance to speak for me . I write this to warn the State of Florida . To look at my appearence at that Courthouse in Iowa City and to reflect on how our heavenly FATHER responded to it . Well I be laughed at again ? Jailed ?

Whatever happens let Your will be done FATHER , not mine ! Melbourne’s courts have already buried my prophesies from Dec 23, 1998 about the hurricanes that visited Pat Robertson and Virginia Beach . Since the record will show The State Of Florida vs James Oldham this matter is more than just a county issue . For one sin , my extradition to Ohio for 5 year old state misdeameanors . For two sins ignoring and burying prophesies about that hurricane season of 1999 . For three sins the continued silence in regards to this blog . My appearence to this summons for a speeding ticket will be me forcing the issue . Am I an Ambassador of our heavenly Father or not ? Will He speak through me that day ?

Well the people of Florida like what they hear that day ? I warn you all to be careful how you respond to my demand for diplomatic immunity . It is not me they must fear or respect , but , Him that sends me . Remember , there’s only one unforgiveable sin . See ( C ) see ( C ) the mighty outstretched arm of Isreal !!!!!!! Two Governors with those initials . One remains silent , the other is yet to speak . I hope he choses his words wisely .

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