Entry for May 22, 2009


Dear Governor Crist,

See See ( CC ) the mighty outstretched arm of our heavenly Father at work in Central Florida !!!!!!! You spoke on TV yesterday and said, ” You was going to a meeting on the forest fires and mentioned how quickly things can change . That you prayed for rain , and spoke of the power of prayer ! ” Good for you that in these times you spoke of the power of prayer ! But , do you know if the Messiah you are praying to is the right ONE ? That the power of prayer is dependent on the people that are doing the praying ? Do you keep His Sabbaths holy ? Do you keep the 10 commandments ? His laws that He gave to Adam , Noah , Abraham , Isaac , Isreal ( Jacob ) , and Moses ? His Judgements , Statues , Ordinances , Laws , and Feast days that were commanded to be keep throughout your generations , FOREVER ? I think your praying to the wrong messiah , that false doctrine of Luke and Paul ! You pray real loud now Governor cause whatever deity you are praying to can not help you or the people you represent . You really need to chose your Friends wisely , and the crowd your hanging out with won’t be able to help you in your hour of need . You need to look around for someone with a proven track record . Someone that has come in the name and spirit of our heavenly Father . Someone who’s words our Messiah confirms on a regular basis . Someone who proclaims major events ahead of time then has our heavenly Father bring them about again and again and again,and again !!!!!!! Look at the court case in Melbourne, Florida ; Mountainside Finance Vs James Oldham ( A civil matter ) look at page 40 and 41 , then look how our heavenly Father preformed all that was written in that court document . If the Melbourne Courthouse destroyed all of that file ,contact me and I’ll make sure you get a copy with the court document stamp that was received on December 23 , 1998 . Ask Governor Culver of Iowa for copies of all that was filed in Iowa City in 2003 , State of Iowa Vs James Oldham ( Joshua’s representative ) . Make sure you get every page ! Read them carefully ! When you really need someone to pray for our Father to stop plaguing the State of Florida , ask me publically for me to pray for Florida !!!!!!!

You can continue to ignore me . You can write me off as crazy . You can JO ( Jail ) me . This well not change the fact that I Am a prophet sent by our FATHER !!!!!!! I think you should wear sackcloth for a few years like I do and wail to our Father for forgiveness !!!!!!! You as head of this state are summoning me to appear in court in Melbourne . The summons will read , The State of Florida Vs Yehoshua , Isreal , Wonderful Counselor , our heavenly Father, ( James Oldham ) . Are you prepared for this showdown ?

One Response to “Entry for May 22, 2009”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    You really need to chose your Friends ( False Messiah ) wisely ( Independents ? Candidate with no affiliation or friends ? )… and the crowd your hanging out with won’t be able to help you in your hour of need ( Republicans ) . Cause you desserted them because of your pride .Rubio can’t beat me why I was gonna be Vice President or something ! Your a selfish butthead and in todays world of TRUTHERS and Tea Partiers there’s no room for the insincere,liars,and traitors to their parties for simply selfish reasons.Your a FAKE Charlie . Plastic as they come . When you lose , run to Obama and kneel down to him for a job .

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