Entry for May 27, 2009


Orlando,St Cloud,Kissimee,Holopaw,Deer Park,Yeehaw Junction,Melbourne,Palm Bay,Cocoa,Titusville,Mims,Scotsmore,Central Florida,and St John River FLOODING to get worse before the next tropical system pays us all a visit . You all pray real loud now cause there’s at least 1001 different Messiahs out there . I hope you all pick the real ONE Who ISREAL . Otherwise your all just wasting your breath !!!!!!! Maybe your pastor , minister , or whatever will let ya use one of there rubber duckies . Clumsy !!!!!!! I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud … and ya really need a Friend … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham …

The deity you all are praying to is blind and deaf !!!!!!! Even if you Signed or used Braille it wouldn’t help , cause it is NOT real , its not alive , its false doctrine of Luke and Paul . Your faith is built on sand and when the storms come it will fail you and all fall down .Broad is that avenue that leads to hell !!!!!!!

Joshua ( Yehoshua ) our Messiah and Wonderful Counselor is trying to wake some of you up ! He wishes you all would wake up , but , a remnant is all we can hope for . What’s 10 % of 6.5 billion anyways ? A lot of souls taken from the 1/3 the evil one started with !!!!!!! I think 650,000,000 souls redemned and returning to heaven is worth all the flooding , deaths from swine flu , and whatever other plagues come your way !

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