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Prophesies since 1985 which our Father has fullfilled again and again and again !!!!!!!

June 11, 2009

If any of you readers want to know why I’m so confident that our heavenly Father will answer my prayers and blogs , you all need to go to  or  . I started blogging because your elected buttheads have done nothing about these miracles of our Messiah , Yehoshua ( Joshua ) fullfilling my prophetic letters and court appearences . Also all the newspapers and TV stations I sent letters to did NOTHING !!!!!!!  Why were they all so adamant about denying our Father His glory ? Wishing He had stayed buried no doubt !!!!!!!  All the BS they feed us everyday !!! Why not write or talk about one more opinion ?  In 1977 I started my war with this government when I filed as a conscientious objector while serving in the US Army . My first letter dated April 13 , 1985 to President Reagan started my prophetic mission . All but the prophesies yet to come to pass have been fullfilled by our heavenly Father , IsReal !!!!!!!

WhoSane Obama is GOD ( According to MSNBC ) in Washington D.C. !!!!!!!

June 11, 2009

Yehoshua grab Your rod and strike Washington D.C.  again today !!!!!!!  Pass out rods to Your angels and have them have at DC too  !!!!!!!

Clarksville and Nashville Tennessee and plagues !!!!!!!

June 11, 2009

Strike them again and again and again FATHER . Not just them but all of Tennessee !!!!!!!  How’s that song by Our Lady Of Peace , CLUMSY go again ? I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud … and ya really need a FRIEND ( Yehoshua,Joshua,Heavenly FATHER ,Messiah ) Ya need to let HIM in … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham !!!!!!!

Clarksville and Nashville , TN

June 11, 2009

All the works that were done in these towns !!! My visit with Senator Sasser’s representative where she finally admitted she is Senator Sasser , she is his representative . I replied well , I’m G_D ( Yehoshua ,Joshua,Father,Messiah) !!!!!!!  If the things written in these letters ( Also one addressed to President Bush ) don’t come to pass , don’t worry about it , but , if the things written in these letters DOES come to pass , you have spoken to G_D .  I sent and personally  delivered letters to Governor Mc Wherter’s office . Sent my letters to newspapers and 7 other Governors . Personally handed copies of my letters to Shannon a DJ at WKDF in Nashville . One letter , to the people of HOMES , ended a very long and serious drought to afflict the South except for Georgia ,  and brought on the DROUGHT of 88 to the great lakes. No body said a word !!!!!!! Strike them with your rod FATHER !!!!!!!

Central Florida FLOODING !!!!!!!

June 8, 2009

More flooding rains !!!!!!!  Are you ready for the next hurricane to pay Central Florida a visit Charlie ? After paying us a visit , She should slowing meander up to pay WhoSane a visit . Since DC is such a hospitable place maybe she’ll stay awhile and file for a green card . She’ll overstay her visit just as DC has overstayed its visit in Iraq . Our Father isn’t playing around anymore !!!!!!! Its been 32 years since I had my showdown at Ft. Belvoir and Walter Reed Hospital , when I filed as a 1AO , Conscientious Objector , and rewarded with retirement as a lunatic . Rights ? Whose Sane ? 24 years of writting prophetic letters that our heavenly Father continues to fullfil !!!!!! Swine flu ,hurricanes in 1999 to pay Pat Robertson and his church a visit according to a court document filed in a Melbourne Courthouse in Florida in December of 1998 just as was written . So many plagues to visit Iowa City,Johnson County,and The State of Iowa as I stated in 2003 when I demanded Diplomatic Immunity . I shook the dust off my feet when I left Toledo and Ohio . Shook the dust off my feet when I left Clarksville , Nashville, and the State of Tennessee . Oh Tallahassee and Florida how I wish you’d have been more respectful of all my attempts to show its citizens the WAY to our heavenly FATHER . His mighty outstretched Arm at work again and again and again !!!!!!! Doesn’t anyone in Florida fear the judgements of The Holy ONE Of ISREAL ? The WORDS of our heavenly FATHER made flesh , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) ?!?! Oh FATHER , Bring a hurricane to Central Florida soon !!!!!!! When its left here take it to DC and let it sit and spin for days there !!!!!!! Father let Your will be done not mine . When I go to court in Vierra , Florida , You do the talking !!!!!!!

Iowa Floods,Swine Flu,Hogs,and Homosexuals.

June 6, 2009

Hey Chet,

What ya think ? Should ya get out your prayer rug ? Start filling sandbags? Answer my letter?

Tallahassee FLOODING !!!!!!!

June 5, 2009

Charlie Crist,

I told ya to use signing or Braille , whatever it takes to get to your deaf ,  dumb , and blind deity !!!!!!! Oh well , you’d be wasting your time anyways . I guess I got to dedicate a song to you too !  CLUMSY , from Our Lady Of Peace > Maybe WhoSane Obama will put it on an MP3 player for ya. You guys can listen to it together . I’ll be watchin ya drown , wavin my hand , watchin ya scream quiet or loud , and ya really need a FRIEND ( Our Messiah,heavenly Father,Yehoshua,Joshua,Wonderful Counselor,IsReal,ya the Holy ONE of Isreal ), there’s nothing funny bout this , ya need to let Him in ……. and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham , and Jim Oldham , and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham !!!!!!!

Struck with HIS rod how many times so far Washington , D . C .

June 5, 2009

I think March 16 th post .

Washed out Washington , D . C .

June 5, 2009


You know I mean you Obama . Maybe instead of takin your chopper to the White House you should hitch a ride on one of your destroyers.

Prophet , married to Shelley Oldham , a witness.

June 4, 2009

Shelley went with me when I personally handed copies of my letters to Shannon , a DJ at WKDF in Nashville,TN . She was with me when I took letters to Governor Ned McWherter’s office in 1989. She has seen the awesome coming of our FATHER as He stretched out His Mighty ARM again and again and again fullfilling all that I wrote .

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