Clarksville and Nashville , TN


All the works that were done in these towns !!! My visit with Senator Sasser’s representative where she finally admitted she is Senator Sasser , she is his representative . I replied well , I’m G_D ( Yehoshua ,Joshua,Father,Messiah) !!!!!!!  If the things written in these letters ( Also one addressed to President Bush ) don’t come to pass , don’t worry about it , but , if the things written in these letters DOES come to pass , you have spoken to G_D .  I sent and personally  delivered letters to Governor Mc Wherter’s office . Sent my letters to newspapers and 7 other Governors . Personally handed copies of my letters to Shannon a DJ at WKDF in Nashville . One letter , to the people of HOMES , ended a very long and serious drought to afflict the South except for Georgia ,  and brought on the DROUGHT of 88 to the great lakes. No body said a word !!!!!!! Strike them with your rod FATHER !!!!!!!

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