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Let the games begin !

July 30, 2009

Your last several Emperors have sat in the HIGH SEAT and declared the games openings . Oh what a slaughter ! EMPORER Bush and the New World Order ; children blown apart in Iraq , blood and OIL flows in the dessert to ! ! Emporer Clinton opens the stock market to all kinds of fun and games ;  Las Vegas rules reign SUPREME !  Children burned , a building falls , and the Domestic Anti-Terrorist Act ! Emporer Bush sends in the Corporations to rape and kill the innocents ; the high towers come tumbling down along with whatever rights we had left ! His friends sell hazardous waste as fertilizer to our farmers . BLOOD flows in distant mountains and the mighty Euphrates ! He points a finger at the enemy while three are pointing back at him ! Now what sits on the HIGH SEAT but the evil one himself ! He’s dancing a jig while America is burning ; He smiles brightly while his friends are preparing to kill the orphans and the widows ! He’s in bed with the bilderbergs and wallstreet while the streets are filled with blood . From his seat the games rage on , the likes of which have never been seen . The smoke from all those burning 401’s and retirements have blinded the spectators; so he becomes the commentator revealing what he will and hiding the rest ! Why are you tearing down our homes and cities and restoring them to parklands ? Herding us up like cattle to the slaughter ? Well you spare my daughter ? You give your plans  to the Czars ; send in the gladiators to mow down the clowns as you suck on your fat cigar ! You wipe your ass with The Constitution ; each day that goes by your makin Michelle so proud of your nation !

The courts have turned into a treacherous den of thieves ; justice to the highest bidder ! Part of this UCC , part of that common law , and part ego . Thanks to the Corporations for donating to my campaign .  Its  INTERNATIONAL  COMMERCIAL  LAW ! Corporations Vs serfs and the slaves lose everytime !  UCC 1-207 and 103 if  you reserve your rights without prejudice  under INTERNATIONAL  COMMERCIAL  LAW or the UCC then a seat belt or speeding ticket in order to be fined under TORT STATE LAW ,  the court must produce the injured party , but the only one injured is you and your wallet unless you stand informed and are brave .

Lies , Lies , and LIARS rule DC  ; Won’t find any Brutus there ! Slant everything to your biggest contributors and dam your constituents that VOTE for you . Why would a millionaire want to take a job that pays only 173,000 a year ? How much is paid under that table of theirs ? They blow your tax dollars worse than a kid in a candy store with a pocketful of money ! They aren’t accountable for your tax dollars but you will be ; every dollar with interest !

Let the hordes invade our borders ! Invite them in ! Give their armies a legal right to be here ! Its EMINENT ! Its his DOMAIN !

Yehoshua save us and at the right time gather us that truely love You , keep Your words , and do Your will , to one place and let our clothes and shoes not wear out , and feed us manna from heaven 6 days a week, and let pure water flow from the rocks !!!!!!! Gather us in like a hen and fold Your wings around us and protect us ! In that day there well be ONE  people and ONE  Father and His name well be ONE   ( Zechariah 14 : 9 ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama’s Lovefest With The Chinese.

July 14, 2009

We all know Whosesane Obama is working on giving us all FREE health care cause he loves us so . Right off the bat , it would COST US ALL at least TWO TRILLION DOLLARS !!!!!! Does that sound like FREE HEALTH CARE to you ? Why does the world news and Fox keep saying China is looking at Obama’s proposal to determine if the USA can afford it ? What happens if Beijing determines we can’t afford FREE HEALTH CARE ? This smacks as even more than China having EMINENT DOMAIN in america !!!!!!! All of a sudden we have to run all legislation and programs through Beijing to get their stamp of approval before trying to cram it through Congress ? Just what the hell did Whosesane Obama do to us all anyways? Come on Obama you already gave the Chinesse TRILLIONS of reasons why they are so interested in our affairs . Did you through in the kitchen sink along with granting them EMINENT DOMAIN ?!?!?!?!?! ANYONE who reads this better do some digging and find out just how FREE we are in America . Shouldn’t we all get to decide who we would rather be slaves to ? Do you all really think even if the USA corporation files bankruptcy again that you ,your children , and grandchildren won’t have to repay every dollar this nation has borrowed ? For your answers don’t look to the Constitution , but the RULE OF LAW , whatever the hell that is !!!!!!! Funny , I can’t find them words in the CONSTITUTION .

Come on up here ANNA !!!!!!!

July 9, 2009

Oh,Yehoshua , HOLY ONE ISREAL , our Father , Good Teacher , Good Friend , and MASTER of the universe , show all the people that You sent me and its NOT a secret mission !

We The People In Order To Form A More Perfect Union !!!!!!!

July 9, 2009

To Our Mothers Children ,

My Kingdom or not , I can NOT sit and watch you all fall down . We are neighbors ! Fellow Americans ! Fellow Human Beings ! Don’t let those rich bastards pit liberals against conservatives , Democrats against repubulicans , young against old , white collar against blue collar , we’re in this crisis together !!!!!!! What effects one group will effect the other . We are ALL about to lose our way of life ! Soon we will lose the few freedoms we have left to us all if we don’t don’t reach out to our neighbors and start standing back to back no matter what the politics or religion and fight to preserve our freedoms and way of life !

It doesn’t matter if you vote for Butthead A ,democrat or Butthead B , republican. Both parties do NOT represent We The People . Instead they are working for a few super rich families ( Call them the Bilderberg Group for lack of a better name ) working toward a worldwide stock market crash so they can come forward with a SOLUTION , one world bank , one world government, one world army , with one horrendous FINAL SOLUTION ( No more than 500,000,000 people on this earth,that’s a 90 % reduction in poplulation ) !!!!!!! Hitler’s final solution would be a walk in the park in comparison . In all honesty , how many of you reading this will think your special enough to be in that 10 %  of the humans left ? How thick of skin would it take to see the murder of SIX  BILLION  FELLOW  HUMAN  BEINGS . Whether they are starved to death , fall to disease that could of been cured , or baked in ovens , it will be murder . Who gave those rich bastards the right to decide who lives and who dies ?

Congress passed legislation to have hydrogen gass stations along our interstates . Where are they ? Toyota came out with a hydrogen fuel celled minivan . They spent millions of dollars retooling , designing , and getting it out to you all . What good did it do them to trust that Congress would do what they said ? Where can ya fill it up ?

Those same rich bastards shipped their hazardous waste to their fertilizer companies and sold to our American farmers hazardous waste as fertilizer . Congress said there were no laws on the books about what constitutes fertilizer so no one went to jail !!!!!!! What about a crime against humanity ? Try sprinkling that same fertilizer on one of those rich bastards lawns and see what happens to you !

Every state that was asked to vote on same sex marriages turned it down , so don’t trust your courts to turn this country around either. Cause in spite of the obvious WILL  And  VOTE  OF  THE  Majority some state court are legalizing same sex marriages as not a desire of the majority but as a RULE  OF  LAW . Just what the heck is the rule of law anyway ? It certainly isn’t  something democratic or have anything to do with democracy which is the WILL  AND  THE  VOTE  OF  THE  MAJORITY  !!!!!!! It Can’t be constitutional either !

Those that represent us took insurance company money  in those states that VOTED for a 18 year old drinking age and had them pass a federal law against their constituents VOTES  !!!!!!!  Democracy in America ?  I think NOT ! So, what can you all do about all this ? Pick up your guns and hit the streets ? No !!!!!!!!!!  Stay home and stop playing their games . Don’t go to work . Don’t take your children to school so they can be taught to baaaa  like sheep to be sheared . Stock up on food and sit in your homes and wait them out . Show them you won’t participate in a society that has gone MAD ! Get together with your neighbors and have a party . Have a party that will last until those that are suppose to represent us actually start to represent us ! Whether the party last a day , a week , or a month don’t stop till you hear the words we all want to hear . No more secret banks ! No more driving this great nation into bankruptcy ! No new world order , where are the checks and balances in that !?!? No judges legislating from the bench , that’s what Congress is for !!!!!!!  The next time there ‘s a economic stimulis the money goes directly to We The People that it came from !!!!!!!

How many times have you passed by picket lines of workers on strike demanding better wages and working conditions ? Get together with your neighbors , black,white,brown,yellow,red,liberal,conservative,gay,straight,religious,nonreligious,democrat,or republican and march arm in arm to your local town halls and wave your signs !!!!!!! Do not go to work , do not send your kids to school but bring them along its their futures too !!!! Don’t be mad or angry , be glad that you are all together on this and demanding CHANGE That Is Real  !!!!!!!

Together folks TOGETHER  !!!!!!! We Are All In This Together !!!!!!!!!!!! We will ALL either win TOGETHER or we will ALL  lose TOGETHER ! We will all live together or we will all die together , but we won’t let BUTTHEADS with half baked ideas pit us one against the other . TOGETHER WE WILL STAND ARM IN ARM or divided we will all FALL  !!!!!!!

We all don’t have far to look for someone to blame , all we have to do is look in the nearest mirror !!!!!!!

June 2008 I prophesied the SWINE FLU outbreak !!!!!!!

July 2, 2009

Click on archieves for June 2008 and see for yourself. It was the only post I asked my wife to think about . I told her the last outbreak of SWINE FLU  in 1917  killed millions. She clicked , publish entry ! You should all spend a little time researching my entries , you’d be shocked and awed !!!!!!!  Look at my post for Tropical Storm Faye where I pleaded with our Father to bind the heavens over Palm Bay ! Melbourne got 30 inches from Faye,what’d Palm Bay get ? A little over 7 inches and right next to Melbourne .West Melbourne got over 23 inches !!! Did I not write a blog that day and ask our Father to send it to Tallahassee where it would sit and spin just to their south all day ! Did Faye sit and spin just to their South all day that next day ? You bet ya !!!!!! Did I warn Iowa City,Johnson County , and Iowa in December 2007 (18th ? ) about plagues to visit them ? My tags started with weather and ended with prophecy. Sioux City tornadoe that killed a bunch of boyscouts,f5 tornadoe to destroy Parkersburg,and the 500 year floods of 2008 !!!!!! So much more !!!!!!!

Traitors in our Midst .

July 1, 2009

Are there any campaign promises that President Obama hasn’t already broken ? Cigarette tax effects the poor and middle class the most . So,those earning less than 250,000 a year that smoke just got wacked good . If the Cap and Trade Agreement passes the Senate we’ll see the biggest tax increase ever ! Every other promise Obama made has been broken . He is a smooth talking forked tongue devil( Our Messiah said that the devil is the father of all lies ( LIARS ) ) . He loves us all so much he wants to give us all FREE  health care ! Free ?!?! It well cost us all at least another TWO  TRILLION  DOLLARS . What country in their right mind will loan us the money ? Buy our bonds ? Good old China will of course ! Since Hillary paid them a visit with documents granting Beijing Eminent Domain in America to keep them happily loaning Obama the money so he can continue his love fest with us all .

When the USA files bankruptcy again like they did in the 30’s we’ll all be done with that burden won’t we ? Do the research and guess again . US citizens made good on the USA Corporation’s  debt back in the 30’s . Who’d we owe anyways ? How can private citizens be responsible for a corporations debt even after filing bankruptcy ? Ask whoever dwells at 25 Water St in NYC in the TOWER OF POWER . You could  ask your attorney , but they’re not allowed to tell you who the receiver of that bankruptcy is .

TRILLIONS of dollars owed to Beijing and you will be responsible for that burden . JOHN DOE 123-45-6789 , his wife , his kids , and his grandchildren well endure paying off this massive debt . When China takes over your lands and homes through Eminent Domain they must pay you just compensation . If you don’t like their idea of just , where you going to appeal it ? Beijing ?

If things get out of hand and civil unrest ensues , China well send its Peoples Liberation Army over here to protect their interest . They’ll have trillions of reasons why and LEGAL EMINENT DOMAIN in the USA  ! Your apathy is to blame . We The People will have no one to point a finger at but ourselves .

Remember that China has publically stated that they hate us ! What America will endure will be worse than when we were slaves in Egypyt . Its to late to start fighting now , you all should have paid more attention to my warnings way back in the 80’s , when you all had a chance to turn things around .

I am glad I am not of this earth cause our Messiah , Yehoshua ( Joshua ) freed me of this kingdom . He said, ” This is NOT  My  kingdom , if it were legions of angels would come and you could not take Me ! ” This is NOT  His kingdom !!!!!!! Remember that the devil would have given our Messiah all the kingdoms and their glory to Him if He would but bow down to him !!!!!!! This world is the devils only kingdom and yet you still blame our heavenly FATHER , and Creator for what goes on in the devils only kingdom . The earth was yours ( For our Father gave dominion of the earth and all that swims in the oceans,creeps on the ground , and flies in the air to mankind ) till you all bowed down to the devil and gave it to him !!!!!!! Ever wonder where the phrase Original Sin came from ? It wasn’t Adam and Eve , but, us  ( 1/3 of the angels ) that turned our backs on our Creator in heaven ! Some of you will return to heaven from which we have all fallen , but , you better start running to the mountains ( A holy place in your lives ) quickly !!!!!!!

Oh heavenly Father , Yehoshua , Holy ONE of ISREAL , start Your latter day rain upon the earth so that our mother’s children can learn to love You and fear Your judgements !!!!!!! Mothers and dads please pick the only true Messiah out of the over 1001 different versions out there . There is only ONE way back to heaven and it is through Yehoshua ( Joshua ) our Messiah that died for you and me . When you find Him introduce and teach Him to your children . Teach them His laws , commandments , precepts , ordinances , and judgements . Teach them to keep the Sabbaths holy . To keep the New moons and feast days as recorded in your bibles and written in your most inward place yeah even in your hearts and minds .Teach them that Luke should never have been granted Gospel authority as he never seen or heard our Messiah speak . That Luke and Paul are LIARS ( 1 John 2 : 4 ) . That Yehoshua meant what He said in Matthew 5 : 17 – 22 . I did NOT come to do away with the laws … Not the smallest word ( Jot )or the smallest stroke of a letter ( Tittle ) of the law shall  pass away until the heaven and the earth pass away and ALL is fullfilled !!!!!!!! How many times did our Messiah say , ” The heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away ? ” The words our Messiah gave to Abraham in Genesis 26 : 5 , Moses , and many others !!!!!!!

Don’t let no one deceive you , get the truth directly from your FATHER ! Put on sackcloth and wail for Him to forgive you and to start teaching you . Even as a fig tree turns green we know that summer is approaching , so shall we know the end is near , even at the door ! Don’t think that in your last breath on the cross that you can convince our Father to let you back into heaven !!!!!!!

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